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EasyPaisa Collaborates With United Insurance To Offer Car Insurance!

Easypaisa, in alliance with United Insurance Company, has announced the introduction of industry’s first ‘Easypaisa Car Insurance’. Easypaisa claims that it is offering the most affordable and accessible set of motor vehicle insurance in Pakistan.

Easypaisa Car Insurance can be availed by paying a premium price of 2.5% of the car’s market value per annum.

Unlike conventional car insurance policies, customers can subscribe to Easypaisa Car Insurance and avail ‘third party insurance’ and ‘terrorism cover’, or going as far as to cover the ‘car mechanical insurance’ that has never been offered in Pakistan before.

Easypaisa Car Insurance covers everything that competitive insurance plans cover, and adds even more! Easypaisa Car Insurance covers engine breakdown, drive axle, transmission, suspension, steering, cooling system, electronic systems and more.

Furthermore, the client is not required to submit any lengthy documentation; they can simply call the Easypaisa helpline at 3737 and an authorized surveyor will guide them through the process.

Such universal availability with an easy process makes this car insurance plan accessible to an unparalleled number of people.

The process for Easypaisa Account subscribers is even easier as they can sign up for Easypaisa Car Insurance through an SMS command. Soon, customers will be able sign up for Easypaisa Car Insurance by visiting Easypaisa shops, Telenor Sales & Service Centre and Telenor Franchises across Pakistan.

Ali Riaz Chaudhry, President and CEO of Tameer Bank said,

“With Pakistan’s fiercely growing automobile industry, subscribing to a reliable car insurance policy has become a prerequisite for every car owner. Digitally empowered, Easypaisa Car Insurance is here to address all the needs of our customers.”

Muhammad Yahya Khan, Head of Easypaisa said,

“Our valued customers are the source of our motivation to offer convenient and affordable car insurance with features that are completely unprecedented in the Pakistani market. From signing up to making claims, all has been made possible from your mobile phone, without the need of conventional laborious paperwork.Now every car holder can rely on an affordable and yet comprehensive insurance plan for their car.”

Mian Shahid, Chairman United International Group said,

“We admire how Easypaisa digitized insurance’s overall claims process. With Easypaisa’s visionary leadership, we hope and wish to work on delivering first-rate insurance products throughout the country.”

Easypaisa’s new Car Insurance plans offers cheaper pricing, better coverage, and is available to more people than ever before. With car insurance, Easypaisa continues to demonstrate the benefits of digital financial services for the common man.

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