Meet Google Trips: Google’s Personal Trip Planning App

September 22, 2016

Google is the most widely known names when it comes to internet. People use the search engine for almost everything from checking the weather, news, currency exchange rates and much more. The search giant however is known for much more than just its search engine as it owns the Android operating system.


Google also makes a ton of useful apps and recently it has launched Google Trips, a personal trip planner that lets you make the most use of your time and lets you enjoy more of your vacation or adventure while removing the hassle of making extensive plans as most research studies show that the most stressful aspect of travelling is the planning phase.


Let’s talk about how Google Trips works and what it has to offer? It works as a personal trip guide and breaks down your trip into various categories such as day plans, reservations, food and drink, things to do, getting around etc. The whole app seamlessly works offline as you can download trips for each destination you’re planning to visit thus saving you from costly roaming data charges in the process. Google has brought together the most popular sights, attractions and interesting local offerings into one place from 200 top cities in the world under its day plans category. You can choose from multiple day plans for each city.


The trip also does intelligent planning. Obviously not everyone has similar interests or time to take the whole day trips hence you can choose specific places that you might have already in mind and then Google Trips will plan your itinerary around your selected places and time slot. You can also tap on the “Magic Wand” button for more options to nearby sights.  You can keep tapping to get more options from the said button.


While travelling, keeping track of your hotel, restaurant, car and flight reservations can also be a quite tedious thing to manage. If you use Gmail, all your travel reservations are gathered automatically into the app and are organized as individual trips so you don’t have to go through the hassle of digging up into your inbox and finding the relevant emails. Your pickup, drop off, flight and hotel details are all shown under the “Reservations” tile in the Google Trips application.

Vacations are a chance to recharge and experience new places and cultures while having fun and adventure with your loved ones. For your next trip, let the good folks at Google help you see all the sights you want to see, without all the work. Google Trips is available now on Android/iOS and has you covered from departure to return.

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