Top 7 Benefits of Having Current Accounts
current account benefits

Top 7 Benefits of Having Current Accounts

Most of you must have personal saving bank account to keep your investment funds for the days when it is needed the most. Indeed, it is essential to have a bank account and yet, it is similarly imperative to have a current account, particularly when you are maintaining a business. Since all things considered, you can’t be sure about your day by day costs and expenses!

When it comes to make several transactions, it is not possible with your saving account as it has limit for the amount to be transacted and the number of transactions. So who will rescue your day at work? In such cases, it is better to have a current account as it is more convenient than the savings account.

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Most of the time, a current account serves to be the primary decision of business elements needing to complete their exchanges in consistent, fast, and straightforward ways. While an interest free current account keeps on remaining associations with organizations making numerous money related exchanges over the day, it is likewise useful for different elements, for example, freelancers, sole owners, and clients utilizing their own bank accounts for helping business exchanges.

1.Countless Transactions

A business current account enables you to perform countless transactions tuned in to the idea of your business. You don’t need to restrain your exchanges similarly as you would do on your saving account. Look at the saving account and a current account. You will discover that the current account is progressively advantageous from multiple points of view. On the off chance that you open a current account with any bank, you get numerous advantages, for example, zero-balance current record opening, boundless exchanges with no charge, versatile application office, 24*7 client backing and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

2.Perks of Over-drafting

You can encounter some postponements in your receipts or installments as a result of the impulses of the business you are in. Here and there, these can cause you money related trouble as far as not having enough assets in your current account to pay for crude materials. You can generally fall back upon an overdraft facility that banks can offer you on your business current account.

3.Regulates Business Practices

You will feel the advantage of a current account in the event that you are a sole owner maintaining a business. As a sole owner, there is no refinement among individual and business with regards to conforming to certain laws.This obstructs the owner from checking the business part of the account as funds can get stirred up with personal finances. The current account takes care of this matter and you can concentrate just on the business through the current account.

4.Online Banking

Among the most important points, This type of account benefits you with online banking service. There are numerous benefits of online banking which help in operating the account effortlessly. You can use the various features of online banking to organize your banking transactions and ensure efficiency in your business. For instance, you don’t need to go to a bank branch to deposit a cheque because you can receive funds through direct transfer from the other party or IBFT easily and quickly so that your funds are available for use almost instantaneously. Similarly, you can pay your suppliers online without having to issue cheques.

5.Value-added services

You can avail many value-added services at no extra cost because of competition. Banks don’t want to lose you as a customer if you are a sound one. They tend to offer many services such as interest on the balances in your business current account, withdrawal and deposit at multiple locations, 24/7 phone banking, mobile alert services, Internet banking and doorstep banking. You can also avail many other services such as free issue of pay orders, demand drafts, instantaneous transfer of funds and zero balance. If you have a sufficiently large business you can have access to a relationship manager who is the point person for your

6.Issue of bank ensure

You can avail bank guarantee services when you maintain a current account with a good track record. This helps you in your business because many customers and vendors demand bank guarantees. This facility is more useful if you undertake exports and if you import raw materials. From the foregoing it is clear that there are many current account benefits you can enjoy by opening a business current account . You can check bank’s the website to learn about the documents required for current account opening.


You can recall all your transactions whenever you want as the bank which holds your business current account can store your transactions as and when they occur.These store transactions can help you in several ways for later on.The track records can also build up your statement that can help you in traveling visas too in some cases.

Current Account is certainly suitable for customers who conduct frequent transactions and they need unlimited access to their account in order to be able to meet their personal or business expenses. The customers even have access to entire online network of both instant and secure intercity transactions.

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