Orix Introduces NFC Payment Solution

Orix Introduces NFC Payment Solution

Orix Leasing recently debuted their NFC payment system in E-Banking 2015. The company provides payment solutions for merchants and their Point-of-Sale (POS) machines are widely used to accept card based payments. Picture above was taken at E-Banking 2015 event where Orix representatives demonstrated NFC key chain.

NFC is Near-Field-Communication technology that allows data transfer between two NFC-enabled devices placed at a distance of 10 cm or less. One device, the initiator, tags the receiving device and upon acceptance the intended action is performed.

Recently launched NFC POS machines are currently placed at Espresso outlets. Capable of accepting NFC based payments as well as loyalty solutions, the tap-and-pay feature makes it a very simple process to pay with NFC based devices. Orix provided SmartChoice.pk with the NFC Key Chain that can be used at any Espresso outlet in Karachi for complimentary coffee.

We decided to test this out.

We went to Espresso outlet in DHA phase 8, at The Place, and asked the server about NFC Key Chain and complimentary coffee. Espresso staff, immediately recognizing the item, courteously informed that the complimentary coffee is available and gave the options between Latte and Americano (we chose the former). We gave the NFC Key Chain and within minutes the coffee arrived with complimentary slip. We took the pictures for proof of success:

Not only it worked but it was quick as well. Moreover, we also discovered this offer will expire in June 2015 (therefore we will have to drink up as many cups as we can in these few remaining days). The main advantage of this technology is geared towards customers’ convenience.

Orix claims that any device, for loyalty or similar customer-centered programs, can be adjusted for NFC payments. Key Chain is one simple item, the same can be done for many others such as Smartphones, car keys, debit/credit cards and various items that corporations would want to give to their customers. The loyalty points gained through shopping can easily be redeemed (at company’s own outlets or at partner organizations) without any complex procedures.

3 thoughts on “Orix Introduces NFC Payment Solution”

  1. NFC tapping technology is way too old. but if it can be introduced in Pakistan, would be a great initiative. not only by the Key Chain, but by making Debir CArds/Credit Cards NFC enabled. Like they have in other countries like Australia and so on.

  2. Impressed with the initiative that ORIX has taken. ORIX must have a great team that has introduced such a technology.

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