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7 Applications A Pakistani Must Have!!

In the age of digitization and Smartphones, multiple applications are being developed to facilitate people in their everyday hustle and bustle, these applications are designed and developed by finding a vacuum in society.

Below mentioned are few of the applications, which are becoming widely popular among the masses due to its utility and importance.

Pharmapedia Pakistan

Pharmapedia Pakistan is an impressive productive application that provides free offline access to information on common drugs and medicine brands in Pakistan.

Featuring a user-friendly interface with a sleek layout, it can serve as an offline medical dictionary or a medical recipe book for the consumer. The user simply has to enter the name of a brand or drug and obtain the required data in just a few seconds. This easy-to-use system can be helpful for medical professionals, students as well as the general public for the ingestion of medicines for the disease they usually don’t see the doctor for.

The application provides information on drugs overview, dosages, indications, side effects, contraindications, and also gives details of the brands available for every common drug or formula.

Furthermore, it lists down the forms of available drugs (such as tablets, syrups, injections, infusions, drops, and suspensions available for every brand) and the respective prices of each of these forms. Conveniently, the application also gives the option to bookmark any particular drug or brand, so that later on, the user does not have to go through all the effort of finding it again.

This application is considered by many to be a must-have because the current market analysis shows that the retail prices of many of these drugs are not mentioned in most local medical stores. It gives a beforehand account of the prices of the medicines required to be purchased from the stores. In this way, the application also serves as a medicine budgeting tool.

Secondly, many medical stores in Pakistan are not run by registered pharmacists. In many cases, because of the under-availability or unavailability of the desired medicine brand, an alternative brand is provided by the medical stores to the consumers, without having accurate knowledge of the formula being used in the alternative brand. This irresponsible behaviour can often cause serious medical issues for the patient involved.

The application can enable the user to check the types of drugs available in the alternative brand and the drugs that make up that particular brand. It can also suggest potential alternative brands (perhaps comprising of similar drug formula), along with their respective side effects that a certain medicine may have on its consumption.

Motor Registration Checker

This application enables its user to check the vehicle details, ownership details and the transfer history of any vehicle registered in Punjab, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) provinces of Pakistan.

The users are required to first select the province in which the vehicle is registered. After entering the vehicle registration number, the application provides complete details of ownership and ownership transfer history including name, father’s name, and owner’s city.

It also provides details of chassis number, engine number, make, registration date, vehicle price, colour, token tax details and vehicle’s year of manufacture.
This proves to be a handy multi-tool to check motor registration details on a single platform without separately opening specific websites of the respective provinces’ excise departments because doing so can be a tedious task.

The application enables the users to quickly retrieve complete information regarding the vehicle you are about to purchase.

Furthermore, the interface is mobile-friendly and through settings, users can save screenshots of the information received. This information can later be retrieved offline as required.

The vehicle details are gathered from the Motor Transport Management Information System (MTMIS) of the Punjab Government, and K-P, Islamabad and Sindh Excise Department websites.

The application is only available for android users to check the desired vehicles and their history.

What Mobile Pakistan

What Mobile does Pakistan enable its users to check the latest mobile phones currently available in Pakistan? The application also provides information on upcoming devices, prices, specifications, reviews, and user opinions.

Different devices can be compared and their specifications can be checked. The user also has the option of applying different filters to make the choice easier. Furthermore, the application gives notifications when there are new handset additions or changes in prices.

The application is certainly time-saving and can offer its users hassle-free access to the required information. It provides virtual assistance for carrying a detailed analysis of the device accurately and you don’t have to visit different shops to get an idea of the price.

Govt. Jobs Pakistan 2019

What can be more easy and fantastic to find the desired jobs all in one place, as isn’t it messy and complicated when we need to go through every page of the newspaper to search for relevant jobs?

However, this will not be the case anymore owing to a productive application. This application facilitates you to discover all the latest jobs and career advertisements in one place.

It has an easy to navigate, user-friendly interface with the option to filter out government jobs concerning the newspaper in which the advertisement is published, the date when it was published, the department offering the job, the city where the service is required and, the nature of the job.

The application also has an advanced search feature that can enable the user to select the desired job title and filter out only the desired job ads with the provision to download, save, and share the ad instantly.

It is updated daily, and the previous month’s advertisements can also be accessed from this application.

Pakistan Citizen Portal

The Pakistani government has taken a digital initiative for its citizens. The application acts as a network, linking the queries and complaints of the citizens with their respective government officials and issues by the government.

The integrated system connects both the provincial and federal organizations to take action against any queries or concerns. It requires a valid National Identification Card (CNIC) number or passport number to create an account initially and after verifying personal information, the user’s login ID is created.

Pakistan Citizen Portal (PCP) application has also secured second place in the top three ‘best mobile government applications’ out of over 4,600 entries at the World Government Summit held in Dubai this year.

It consists of different sections for relevant departments so that the complaint can be filed to the related section directly. The main dashboard shows the number of complaints filed, complaints in progress and complaints resolved. The citizen using the application can also give feedback on the resolved complaints and feedback will be linked to the performance and preferment of the respective officer.

The application is a practical example of bridging the gap between people/ Government and public services. The details on the application are shown in both Urdu and English languages, making it much more user-friendly and approachable for the masses, not hindering the usage due to the language barrier.

It also gives the option of hiding the complaint filer’s personal information so that the complaint can be resolved without any hindrances.

Moreover, after filing the complaint, it shows up in the progress tab and the filer of the complaint is constantly updated about the status of the complaint. Additionally, information regarding the official and department that the complaint is assigned to is also shown. The application has been developed by the Performance Management Unit of the K-P government.

These smartphone applications, being accessible to everyone, have brought in a plethora of systematic changes and have undoubtedly revolutionized how we use technology. As per the statistics issued by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the numbers of mobile phone users in Pakistan have crossed 150 Million by November 2018 (PTA), of which android holds a market share of 92.38%.

These figures are certainly quite motivating for application, software and website developers for the e-commerce industry/business and will encourage greater digitization and newer and smarter ways to interact.

According to the statistics, the cabinet was informed recently that so far 1.173 million users have registered themselves on the portal with 100,300 inland users, 103,000 overseas Pakistanis, and 4,000 foreigners. Province-wide data reflects 568,000 users from Punjab, 284,000 from Khyber Pakhtun­khwa, 137,000 from Sindh, 35,000 from Islamabad, 12,000 from Balochistan, 7,000 from Azad Jammu and Kash­mir and 1,000 from Gilgit-Baltistan are registered with the portal.
According to the report presented to the cabinet, the federal government had resolved 509,153 out of 553,125 complaints. In Punjab, 392,292 complaints were resolved with an 88 per cent redressal rate. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa secured 87pc on the scorecard by resolving 100,635 out of 116,050 complaints. In Islamabad, 9,909 complaints were resolved out of 11,137. The Balochistan government resolved 6,166 complaints out of 7,782, securing a 79pc redressal rate. The Sindh government, however, lagged behind all other governments with merely a 40pc redressal rate and could only resolve 38,268 out of 95,894 complaints.
The cabinet was informed that out of the 37,029 complaints that had been pending for more than 90 days, 84pc complaints pertained to the Sindh government.
Prime Minister Imran Khan and the cabinet members have been happy and have appreciated the performance of the Pakistan Citizen Portal. (Source: Dawn News)


Learning a new language is not only an asset, but it also enables you to connect with people with just a few sentences and can help you penetrate through the toughest of the circles of people.

If you want to expand your language skills or want to make your breaks and commutes more productive by learning a new language? Duolingo is the best language-learning platform mobile app that can help. The app is loaded with lessons that have a variety of speaking, listening, translation, and multiple-choice challenges to make you familiar with a foreign language.

Duolingo uses amplification techniques that make learning a foreign language fun and addictive at the same time. Another good feature is this app use in lesson grading and you can see your correct and incorrect answers while testing you to ensure realistically the level of language you are at on the given time you are testing yourself.


Swvl, a Cairo-based firm, which is due to move its headquarters to Dubai in November, launched in Nairobi about six months ago and began operations in Lahore in July.
Pakistan is the second international market for Swvl. It has been successfully launched in Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi and has recently launched in Karachi.

Swvl is an app-based bus hailing service, which is a private premium alternative to public transport. The Swvl app, which has fixed bus routes, use the passenger’s location and destination to determine the shortest possible trip time based on the nearest bus stop. They make the commute comfortable in air-conditioned top-notch buses with spacious seats for just Rs 20!


With fixed routes, timings and prices, Airlift is a daily commute ride app that lets users hail and track high quality, well-maintained mini-buses. Airlift is an app-based technology startup that offers a smart bus service tailor-made for daily commuters. With a fare of just 50 PKR, the rates may be different going up to PKR110 per ride depending upon the peak or regular hour one book a ride.

It provides a reserved seat in an air-conditioned minibus and hundreds of routes spread all over Karachi and Lahore. Airlift is gradually becoming the first option of working professionals and students who have to travel in the morning and come back in the evening.

Airlift’s strengths lie not only in its facilitation of fast and reliable access to the daily commute but in its ability to comprehend localized inefficiencies and provide native solutions; in less than a year, it has come up as a viable solution for a generation that values time, safety and urban mobility.

There are many applications available on the Appstore and Playstore which are developed every day to facilitate people to function effectively and helps in making their life easy, let us know in comments which applications are your favourite and why??

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