Top 5 Holiday Destinations for Pakistanis You Might Have Overlooked -
Top 5 Holiday Destinations for Pakistanis You Might Have Overlooked

Top 5 Holiday Destinations for Pakistanis You Might Have Overlooked

With the start of the holiday season, Pakistanis start travelling to popular tourist destinations. These trips offer a reprieve from the hectic routine, and allow families to bond as they experience new surroundings for the first time. Children go berserk when they are given the chance to run across the mountainous terrain and adults likewise find joy in the cool soothing waters of the lakes. But unforeseen circumstances may also arise so it is important to secure a travel insurance policy before you set off on your next venture.

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The common tourist attractions are all overcrowded as visitors come swarming when the tourist seasons begin. So, we have compiled a list of five understated holiday destinations that you should consider while you plan your next trip.

1. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, also known as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean,” has history that dates back to centuries before Christ. With the true soul of Buddhism that is still present there, this island is one of the few places in the world that can allow you to enjoy an exceptional combination of stunning landscapes and remarkable cultural heritage.  The country allows visitors to enjoy stunning palaces, temples, monasteries and ancient monuments of art and culture.

There are 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites within a mere area of 65,610 kilometers. Kandy, Jaffna and Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte are some of the most attractive cultural destinations at Sri Lanka. The tropical weather and the 1,330 kilometers of coastline also is a major attraction for beach loves. There are 15 natural parks that let the tourists enjoy the abundance of wildlife and captivating nature in the country.

2. Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta Indonesia

Jakarta, the massive capital of Indonesia is known as the representative of the diversity of the country. The city has a historic mix of different ethnic groups and cultures; Indian, European, Chinese, Malay, Arab and Javanese are the major contributors of the city’s stunning architecture, language and famed cuisine. It is the center of government, commerce and industry with widespread communication networks with the rest of the county. Its position is ideal to provide a gateway to the rest of Indonesia for travelers.

You can enjoy the busy city life by visiting the National Monument of Indonesia and the Ancol Dreamland. To witness the cultural diversity, you can visit the modern style Istiqal Mosque, Tama Mini Indonesia Indah and mesmerizing museums.

Jakarta offers endless tourist attractions and is the perfect city to shop at countless malls. It is known for its nightlife with amazing, exotic foods and wild nightclubs.

3. Bolivia


Bolivia is one of the two only landlocked countries in Southern America. It is surrounded by Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Paraguay on all sides, and is referred to as the ‘Tibet’ of the Americas. Due to the complete lack of beaches and coastline, it is not a popular tourist attraction but it has been attracting more and more visitors lately.

The world’s longest mountain range, the Andes also cross over to the Bolivian territory, with its ski slopes and magnificent active volcanoes. The country also boasts of red fiery lakes, salt flats and is the only country in the World to have a hotel entirely made out of salt. The highest navigable lake in the world, the Titicaca is on the Bolivian-Peru border, with a length of about 190 kilometers. Another tourist site is the Madidi National Park with its exotic flora and fauna, glacier covered mountain peaks and turquois blue lakes. You can also walk in the historical cities of Potosí and Sucre, with their old monasteries and university buildings as a tour guide navigates you through the brick walkways.

4. Philippines


Philippines is an archipelagic country made up of more than 7000 small islands, connected by bodies of water. The country is renowned for its beaches, rainforests, mountains and lakes. There is diversity as the tourist attractions include the market squares, silky white beaches, volcanoes and rice terraces. The flea markets remain an important part of the culture, even in the metropolitan cities and tourists can find little souvenirs, local foods and knick-knacks at these small markets.

Boracay is popular among the locals as a beach destination, and it has been awarded the title of the best beach island in the World by numerous travel magazines. Mindanao is known for its mountainous terrain and is a popular climbing destination. The country offers endless attractions to foreigners, and is a popular relaxation spot.

5. Galway, Ireland

Galway, Ireland

Galway is a medieval city in the West of Ireland, which is the 4th highly populated urban city in the country. The city’s attraction draws from its old vibe and local culture that draws heavily upon the harbor. Being a sea town, there are scenic drives and walkways that tourists would love to explore. There is an abundance of natural wonders in areas such as the Connomara National Park.

The market square is the epicenter of activity, with its old brick pubs, and cafes where Irish music plays on bagpipes late into the night. The city is full of independent shops that reflect the local culture and taste. There are art galleries and museums that allow insight into the city’s history and cultural significance for Ireland. In the Latin Quarter of the city the medieval walls of Galway have been retained. The churches, castles and cathedrals of the city with their arches and gothic elements are places of huge interest to visitors. To top the list, fresh fish is available year round in the city that can be enjoyed outdoors as one feasts his eyes on a beautiful view over the River Corrib.

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