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Exercises for People Who Hate to Work Out: Great Fun Ideas to Get Moving

Does the thought or the idea of spending a lot of time in Gym and breaking or filling sweating buckets in a gym, doing endless burpees, or huffing and puffing your way through a boot camp or a forty-two days challenge that is such a popular workout make you want to roll over and go back to sleep? You know you should exercise, but you just hate doing it so much…so you don’t.

Where the taglines like “Train like a Beast and Enjoy like a Beauty” doesn’t entice you to make a run for your best jogging pants and gym shoes?

The good news is that you really don’t have to! There are amply of ways to work out without ever setting your foot in the gym or doing even one squat thrust. In fact, when people start or join a gym at all many don’t want to exercise in front of others it may be “shyness” it is the “hesitancy” to do so and that is perfectly okay.

But first, let’s consider a few mindset shifts that will help you succeed.

Reassess and Rethink what it means to exercise and get yourself moving
Think of exercise as simply movement of the body, no form no shape just simple movement. Sometimes we have a depiction in our mind of what exercise looks like. Instead, think outside the box. Every movement counts.
Make them work out more than just weight loss. Contemplate how you will feel when you are more active, energetic and fit. Imagine yourself with more vitality, being less rigid and sore, feeling a little less stressed and frazzled, sleeping better, and feeling more alert and active. There are so many physical and mental benefits of exercise!

Avoid all-or-nothing thinking. Just sit down and think once, Does one hour of exercise feel overwhelming or even crushing to the point of avoiding it? Instead of a full hour, start small. Tiny stretches of exercise are still beneficial. Even a few minutes is better than doing nothing means not moving your body at all.
One thing to remember is don’t rely on inspiration. Drive your enthusiasm yourself Many people assume that they have to be motivated to work out, and they think that they hopelessly fall short. But the thing is, motivation wanes over time. Even athletes may not feel like working out every day, but they stick to a training schedule.
Make movement a habit by setting aside a specific time to do it each day. Find the time that works best for you, and set a reminder on your phone or smartwatch to help you stay on track.

If you wait until you “feel like it,” or “in a bit, I’ll start” in all likelihood you will never get the right moment to get up and move. Many people still believe in the fact that even after years of doing exercise still to this day rely on habit and a scheduled time to exercise, rather than the feel of that very moment. I know how much better exercise will make me feel physically and mentally, so it’s worth it to get it done and you would always be glad that you did exercise.
Make it fun. If working out isn’t your thing, focus on finding a physical activity that you do enjoy. There really is something for everyone. Find your calling by trying different types of exercises or activities until you find what is on the same wavelength for you (or at least something you don’t hate and would be consistent at). It doesn’t have to be a customary workout like going to the gym or aerobics.

Read this article further for some ideas to get you started.

Ways to work out when you don’t like exercising and the traditional workouts

Walking is one of the simplest and best exercises there is. In fact, that’s how most people get started. Many individuals enjoy it so much that they do the power-walk every day as their main exercise, and it generally leads to weight loss and one feels much better. The best thing about walking is, that it is free, it doesn’t require any equipment or special skill, and you can do it almost anywhere and even anytime. Just get up and go, is that you have to do.
Many people have dogs as their pets and walking your dog once or twice a day is a brilliant exercise that benefits you both, making it a “win-win” situation. Let yourself “GO” Just dance. Just put up the music at home and dance like no one’s watching, move yourself to the music and let the movement be. Or take if you want to take a class such as ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, salsa, ballroom, or belly dancing, we do have some great dance classes going on at PACC Karachi, if your movement is DANCE, get yourself registered their today.

Wash the car by hand instead of going through the automated carwash, we all love our automobiles. Rather than taking it for wash, do the deed yourself at home, it will not only make you active on a lazy Sunday morning but in return will also help you save a lot of money each month. Also, who can love and clean your car better than you!

Ride your bicycle
Cycling is one of the best ways to bring your whole body in motion. Cycling is gentle on the joints; it builds strength in the legs, muscles and core; is a great cardio exercise, and helps relieve stress and enhance the well-being of the individual helping the person to feel young and strong.

Do the chores yourself
Sure, housework may not be fun or something that you may look forward to, but it counts as exercise so at least there’s that motivation to get your housework done yourself. Gardening, backyard work, push mowing and clearing out untidiness works, too. Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction and gratification of getting the job being done.

Go out and play
Grab the children or your fur babies, go outside and have some fun. Don’t forget the joy of playing when you were a child? Try hula hooping, playing tag, dodgeball, hide and seek, swinging on the playground, hopscotch, skating, bike riding, playing catch, chasing fireflies or jumping rope.

Move-in virtual reality
Exercise video games are accessible for all the leading platforms including Wii, Nintendo, Xbox, Play station and PCs. Dance games; boxing, tennis and many other sports; and traditional exercise programs are among the many offerings that are presently available in the market for anyone who wants to grooves with the music.

Try a group fitness class
With a class, you don’t have to guess and speculate what exercises to do, for how long, which should come first and which one should follow, you simply show up and follow along. Plus, you’ll make new friends whose support and camaraderie can help you stay motivated. There really is something for everybody. The countless options include aerobics, Zumba, cardio kickboxing, barre, strength training and many more. Check out what’s available from your local recreation and parks department or fitness studio and try something new.

Take online exercise classes
There’s no need to leave the comfort of home and your environment when the class can come to you. In adding it to being private and oh-so-convenient in your own personal space, online classes are also the easier, safer option in a pandemic no mask or social distancing required, at the same time it connects you with the other exercise mates virtually giving you the feel and touch of a real live class at the comfort at your very own home.

Hiking definitely is a way to connect you with nature and builds cardiorespiratory endurance and muscular strength, which helps build body core. What is a better time than an evening or an early morning to get outdoors and explore one of our state’s beautiful trails? Living in a city like Karachi we might not be able to find these trails but you can always find parks and other places for the walk, so you might find some great hiking trails in Islamabad at Margalla hills but need to look for other ways to carry on the routine.

Geocaching might seem farfetched keeping in view that Pakistan still needs to be technologically advance but this can be easily implemented as it is a kind of real-world treasure hunt that requires participants to use GPS synchronizes and an app to find what others have hidden. It’s a fun and engaging way to get in some walking. It can help in achieving the targeted steps for the day with some fun and great adventure.

Partner with a workout buddy
It is a famous idiom in Urdu “ik sey bhalley dou” Two can be better than one and will keep you both moving, a partner will keep you motivated, make you feel accountable and at all times will encourage you to do more and be consistent. Having a workout partner helps and raises your spirits and makes you feel the spirit of “DO MORE” and keep yourself exercising in some manner.

Think short and sweet while working out
Micro workouts also called “exercise snacking” is an approach to try if long workouts just aren’t for you. We believe that every person is different and their likes and dislikes also surely differ from each other. When “one-size-doesn’t-fit-all” how can one routine or one way of doing things can be the same and equal for all. For example, when we talk about micro-workouts, instead of one 30-minute workout, you could do three 10-minute bouts of exercise spread throughout the day. The thing to remember is, you need to set a routine even if you need an alarm or a reminder to do the deed. It is important that you are consistent and make sure that you don’t miss the desired time slots kept designated for the workout.

Martial arts or a self-defence
The martial art class and defence class means learning self-defence will help you build stamina, strength and flexibility. You’ll also develop coordination and balance, and increase self-confidence. It will prepare you to tackle any issue or obstacle that comes your way and makes you strong to face anything in life.

Sports with a group of friends or co-workers
Engaging in activities with friends and co-workers fosters good relationships as well as fitness, so it meets the greater goal set. We have suggestions for games to Try; a game of tennis, pickleball, bowling, badminton, or golf; or go canoeing, indoor rock climbing, roller skating or ice skating. A group activity is not only a good way to get moving but it is also a nice way to mingle, interact and spend some quality time with your friends and co-workers.

Use your fitness tracker
One way to keep track of your fitness goal is to complete a challenge to cover a certain number of miles in a month, or certain steps in a day or reaching a goal in a week. For example, if you walk or run five miles a day for one month, that equals 150 miles, can you imagine that is almost going or walking Hyderabad and it can help you achieve great fitness goals, so keeping track of things isn’t just a great way to maintain health but also an amazing way to keep track of things and keep yourself motivated!

Try mind/body formats
Trying these mind-body formats are just amazing, it helps you stretch your body and improve your overall body. Yoga improves an individual’s strength, balance and flexibility, and creates tranquillity. Tai chi is another way to relax and also helps reduce stress and anxiety, these activities also help you to increase flexibility and balance making your body toned and more leaned.

Water exercise
Well! This is something fun and great and it is beneficial for almost everybody but is especially good if you have arthritis, obesity, or mobility issues as it doesn’t add stress to your body joints and muscles due to weight. If you have access to a facility with a pool such as your community pool or if you have access to any club via membership, consider joining a water exercise class. Exercise in the water feels good and is a lot of fun.
It is not very common, but it is becoming a popular phenomenon in recent times, look for the clubs and pools that are offering this recreational exercising routine. Get enrolled right now and thank us later!

Just get moving and grooving!

Remember, there’s no one right way to work out, and as we have also mentioned earlier that “one size doesn’t fit all”. Be creative, have fun and find what works for you! You need to just get moving to the groove or anything that you might interesting in and something that you would like to carry forward with consistency. There is no right or wrong, nothing is more rewarding or less rewarding. The only thing important is how and when you do it. The setting of whatever you plan to do we suggest that only one mantra be followed which is “Let’s do the moves.”

Last Word!

Well, when you get moving it will help you overcome many health issues and will help you build strength and stamina and will make your body flexible. But one thing that you should carry with you is your health card. It may not seem an important bit that needs to be added in your life as it is your security against unforeseen circumstances and instances, the health insurance policy will provide you financial cushion against any uncertainty and accidents that cause a sudden dent in your financial budget.

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