7 Benefits Of Health Insurance Plans

Posted Date: Thu Jul 2016

Health is a blessing given to us by the Almighty and we only realize it when we are not feeling well. The human body performs at its best only when its fit and healthy otherwise all aspects of life including work, play and general day to day chores are affected. However inadvertently many of us fall ill all year around due to certain reasons such as lack of optimal hygiene and widespread pollution of various kinds. Thus having a health care plan in such conditions is a must and really helps ease the financial burden in the case medical expenses are inevitable. Below are some major benefits and features that you get when you opt for a healthcare plan.

Multiple Types of plans: If you’re a bachelor then it makes sense to buy individual healthcare plan for yourself but what if you’re the sole breadwinner of your family and your spouse or kids fall sick? It can become a huge hassle having to pay for routine checkups and medicines. It’s best to get a family healthcare plan for your family to limit the medical expenditures that can put a dent on your monthly budget.

Types of illness covered: Fever, flu and cough are normal types of sickness that come and go and don’t cause much of worry nor need large amounts of money to cope with. But what if you have a major illness that needs surgery or are diagnosed with cancer or have a heart bypass. All this illnesses are critical as well as need huge sums of cash for medical procedures and medications. With a healthcare insurance plan in place you can have peace of mind that in unexpected times of illness, you can still get quality healthcare and medication without it burning a hole through your savings. Hence critical and non-critical types of illness are all covered.

Terrorism and Accidents: Pakistan is a place where law and order situation is not optimal. Terrorism activities can happen anytime when one is out and about. Firing and bomb blasts occur unexpectedly and cause loss of life and injury. Additionally fired and buildings collapsing or any other kinds of accidents such as road or personal injuries are also covered under healthcare plans making it essentially a 360 degree cover against unexpected happenings in your day to day life.

Pre/Post Hospitalization Cover: When you get healthcare insurance you can opt to get treated at any of the network hospitals that are offered under your insurance provider’s agreement. However if you are suffering from a minor illness that can be treated at home or have suffered a minor injury/fracture that needs bedrest then worry not because your insurance plan will cover for the expenses that you incur for treatment at home apart from in-hospital expenses.

Accidental Death and Permanent Disability: Accidents can cause disability and death is inevitable and unexpected. The insurance company will reimburse your next of kin or spouse in case such an unfortunate incident occurs and you can rest assured that even when you’re nomore. They will have some sort of monetary cover to use in their day to day expenses.

Burial and Repatriation: IF GOD forbid you die in an accident or due to illness, the insurance company will cover the burial and repatriation costs against your healthcare plan so your family doesn’t have to worry about the immediate expense of burial or for moving the body to your hometown or native village if the burial is planned there.

Emergency Transportation: Some insurance plans will even cover the expense incurred for hiring an ambulance for the patient to travel to the hospital. This means that you don’t incur a single penny even for reaching the hospital.

We have mentioned vital benefits that come with healthcare plans. We hope that it lets our readers get a deeper level of understanding as to what incentives they can expect when they opt for a health insurance plan.