Top 5 New Car Care Tips You Should Never Forget -
Top 5 New Car Care Tips You Should Never Forget

Top 5 New Car Care Tips You Should Never Forget

Cars have made our lives so easy. Gone are the days when people had to travel by walking or cycling. It was physically exerting as well as took a lot more time. Now you sit in a car and be wherever you want in almost no time. They make life so convenient. In times of emergencies you don’t have to run and look for conveyance if you own a car. Neither do you have to ask for favors if you want to some place far, and it saves money when don’t have to pay heavy Rickshaw or Taxi fare. Cars make life super easy.

There is one thing you should always keep in mind and that is the maintenance of the car. Especially of the new car. Because it is always better to prevent a damage. If you take care of your newly bought car, it will not create problems for you for a long time and will live a longer life. It will also save the maintenance cost of getting it fixed again and again. The first thing to do is to get your car insured. Insurance for your car will save you a lot of trouble should anything unfortunate happen in the future. Research and look through some comprehensive insurance policies that suit your needs and your budget, and then get the best car insurance to save yourself an your car. After doing so, focus on these tips to maintain your new car:

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1. Car Washing

Car Washing










Wash your car regularly so it does not start looking old and dingy. Would you want that? Of course, not! So to prevent that from happening wash your car daily or on alternative days thoroughly to remove loose dirt and grime.

You need to be very careful with the cleaning, though. It could leave swirl marks which will make your car look untidy. But you can surely avoid them by using good quality car washing shampoo, wash mitt, and microfiber drying towels. Another important thing you can do to prevent swirls is by using two separate buckets, one for your car and the other for rinsing the mitt. With the usage of high quality products and a perfect way of washing you could make your car look new for a very long time. And who would not want that?


2. Clay Your Car

Claying Car










Give your car a sleeker look by claying your car. Clean the paint of your car by detailing it with clay so that all bonded surface contaminants are removed. It is a common believe that new cars don’t need any claying, but sadly, that’s not true. Contaminants have nothing to do with the fact that your car is new or old, they just appear. But keep in notice, claying your car does not substitute for polishing your car. Your car first stays at a factory, then for shipping, and then at shops, they go through a lot before you take them under your care, so treat them with love and get it clayed as soon as possible.


3. Polish your New Car

Polish Car










This might sound a little absurd, the new car is already in its best shape, why polish? But this is important. Protect the painted surface of your car ( as is mentioned before your car goes through different stages before it is handed to you) so it is not as new as we believe it to be. Protect the paint with car waxes, paint sealants, or paint protectants.


4. Change the Oil

Change Car Oil










Changing oil goes without saying. It is very important to change oils in a new car. Nothing works better for a car to last long than changing oil and checking oil levels. Similarly nothing would destroy your car more than ignoring either of these things. Fresh oil helps the engine run smoothly and a car is nothing without a good engine. You put your car at risk when you don’t change the oil regularly because the old oil gets dust particles in it which are in no way good for your engine as well as the car.


5. Flush The Cooling System

Flush Car Cooling System










Not just changing oils but flushing the cooling system regularly is just as important. Flush the cooling system once a year and change the coolant. Always make sure that you mix fifty-fifty of coolant and distilled water to keep the cooling system working better. It keeps the cooling system in good shape as well as prevents corrosion and also does not let deposits build up inside the cooling system.


It is very important to starting to take care of your car as soon as you bring it home for the first time. Because as late as you do it would just increase the problems, it will cost you a lot time and again, and would waste a lot of your time too. And nobody wants to waste time, energy, or money. All these three things are precious to everybody. Why not take care and save all these along with your car and have it run fine for a long long time.

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