What Does Travel Insurance Cover

Posted Date: Thu Jul 2016

Earlier, we iterated on the fact that why one should opt for travel insurance to safeguard oneself from potential hazards. Now we will focus on the things that travel insurance covers. Keep in mind that this article is based on international travel by air only.

Personal Accident, Injury, Terrorism and Death: If you opt for a travel insurance you will have cover against the most important threat to life that is injury or death hence having an insurance cover will be of great essence in such scenarios.  Some insurance providers may give additional cover against kidnapping and hijacking. In the case of death, burial and repatriation can be covered by your insurance provided the death is due to natural causes.

Medical Expense and Hospitalization: If you fall sick abroad, having a travel insurance will ensure that all your medicine and medical bills are covered on your behalf without you having to worry about them. The good news is that insurance companies usually cover upto 100% expenses for individuals as well as a family including husband, wife and 4 children upto the age of 18 years. For other types of covers, it’s 50% for wife and 25% for kids.

Permanent Disability: If GOD forbid you have an accident that leaves you permanently disabled then the insurance company will give you compensation against this as well.

Loss of Credit Card, Passport and other travel documents: During travel you may suffer from theft or loss of passport, credit card etc which can leave you stranded away from home without money and can be a big headache. Having a travel insurance can give you complete peace of mind that your insurance cover will compensate for it. However a re-issuance fee for the Passport may be applicable.

Flight Delay/Cancellation: In case your flight gets delayed due to unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, your travel insurance provider will make necessary arrangements for you to fly to your destination via the next available flight.

Trip cancellation: If the trip gets cancelled due to any unforeseen situation then the company will reimburse you fully or partially depending upon the conditions. You may have not have a trip but you’ll certainly not lose any money.

Loss of checked-in luggage: Carrying winter clothes in your baggage and it gets lost? Definitely a huge headache as winter clothes are much expensive and one may not have enough cash to compensate but if you are insured then baggage loss would be compensated for, that was checked-in during your flight. Any baggage that was being carried personally or was lost before checking-in isn’t covered though.

Emergency Return: In the case of a death of any close family member back home, the insurance provider will make the necessary arrangements to fly you back home so you can attend the funeral  services.

There are also other kinds of travel such as for religious reasons(Hajj, Umrah and Ziarat) that may have lesser benefits than normal travel. Also travelling for study purposes allows you to opt for tuition cover or omit it. These travels also allow the insurance cover of either 6 or 12 months and having one close family member stay with you upto a limited time. One more thing is that the insurance is for people upto 65 years of age and older people may have to pay extra depending on how old they are.

Coming down to closing thoughts, we’ve listed a ton of benefits that travel insurance can bring to you. We hope that this article sheds more light on the things that can greatly improve your travel experience and remove the worries from it.

Tip: For a Schengen Visa, make sure to have an insurance policy of minimum EUR 30,000/USD 50,000 Medical cover.