Discontinue PTCL Internet Without Hassle

9 thoughts on “How To Discontinue PTCL Internet Without Hassle”

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  2. PTCL sucks, Complaints of Frequent Disconnection never gets disclosed. They keep bugging you with automated calls for input weather the issue has been resolved , all day long. If the complaint keeps on going for a longer period of time they will just close the complaint even if the issue persists. When you ask for installing the DSL service they will come at home instantly but when you ask for removing the service they require you to visit their office with different documents. When you ask why the complaint has not been resolved they will tell you that we will let you know next time you call and this keeps on going for ever. If you abuse them on the call center they will call you back from a private number and abuse you back telling you to stop registering complaints and remove your connection if you have an issue. If you complain back about this abuse they will take the complain and take no action. They will even abuse elders at your home because you abused their service. They are leechers and i would suggest every Pakistani to stop using this service until they learn how to provide services. The only reason they have customers is that they offer low prices compared to other Private ISPs.

  3. To: Business Manager, PTCL

    Dear Sir,

    I submit this application for disconnection of my PTCL internet service. My name is (Malik muhammad atiq ur rahman id no 34601-0825484-1 ptcl no 0524267978)and I had purchased broadband/Evo(choose one)connection on CNIC number (customer CNIC number). I no longer require internet service and would humbly request to process my application at the earliest. With this application I also return the the device and my copies of CNIC and previous month’s bill are also attached.


  4. Ptcl has a monopoly in land line services and broadband. Unless this monopoly is not finished they would keep on looting people of pakistan

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