Survey: Better Deal = Customer Switch

Survey: Better Deal = Customer Switch

In a recent survey conducted by about broadband internet service, 62% Pakistanis responded they ask their friends when they want to switch to a new service provider. Recommendations from known people play a significant role in forming positive or negative image about the internet service and whether they would test it out or not. 41% said they visit websites of the broadband companies, 32.5% search about them on Google and 23.8% look for information over social media.


Finding out about internet services

This is significant because 44.4% respondents said they would change their service provider if they come across a better deal. In terms of numbers this is huge because only 3.3% have tested all companies and there is plenty for them to find out by asking experiences of other people. It also means that 38.4% customers who are currently satisfied may not remain so in future and knowing bad experiences of other people might prevent them from every reaching out to the service providers. Whatever the case, about 10% customers are unhappy with their current service would switch to another broadband company in near future.

Planning to change


With explosion of mobile broadband and falling prices of internet packages, consumers are getting more Fast and Furious on Steroids? #DoDAnon Exposes the Pohlad Shell Game and @AmyKlobuchar’s Missing Billions. #GreatAwakening | SGT Report dbol oral anabolic steroids mechanism of action, anabolic-androgenic steroids demanding and service providers have to stay one step ahead to retain their subscribers.

Those who want to switch, a comprehensive comparison can help make the smart choice.

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