Fiber Internet Gaining Grounds in Pakistan

Fiber Internet Gaining Grounds in Pakistan

As 3G and 4G services roll out across Pakistan, increasing total number of broadband users over 10 million in such a short time, the importance of residential broadband stays high because of various benefits it offers.

Not only residential DSL broadband is cheaper, it is often more reliable and consistent compared to mobile internet. When you consider Optic Fiber, the speed of internet service reaches a whole new level.

In Pakistan Fiber internet service is available in some areas and slowly gaining grounds. Stormfiber, Fiberlink, Nayatel are some of the major names that provide fiber internet in Islamabad and Karachi. Using fiber for amazingly fast internet speed, fiber internet companies are changing the way people connect with the world.

While bridging these gaps, people do get confused about Fiber internet service and various questions come up in their difference with regular internet service. If you are looking to know more about Fiber internet or planning to switch to it, keep the following details in mind:

  • Fiber is slowly gaining grounds in various urban areas. First confirm if a particular fiber company has started providing service in your area before placing order
  • It can take anytime between a week to a month for Fiber installation at your home (if services in your area are active), so keep at least a month’s time-frame in mind when deciding to switch to fiber service
  • The upfront cost of Fiber is always high, over Rs. 7,000 for installation alone.
  • The long-term monthly cost of internet is lower than cable internet or Wimax
  • A special device, GPON, or similar is provided that is essential for fiber internet service. If your internet service provider is not providing GPON or relevant device, the internet connection is not really fiber.
  • Fiber internet has zero copper wire in the whole connection, from the source right to the residence. If there is even a little copper wire in your fiber connection, it is not fiber.
  • Fiber internet, in comparison to cable, is more reliable as it doesn’t go out in case of rainfall or electricity breakdown. The GPON device has battery backup to give more time of uninterrupted internet.

In a couple of years, fiber infrastructure will be better and would cover larger areas with more reliable performances. Once that happens, doors to more innovations will open as faster internet with dedicated lines will be available to residences as well as small-scale companies.

Do you use fiber internet or is the service available in your area? Let us know in the comments below.

UPDATE, 2nd Nov, 2015:

We are glad to let our readers know that Stormfiber has intiated its services by offering packages ranging from 2Mbps to 30Mbps in Karachi and those intrested to know more about it can visit this link to get more info and can also place their orders online on the available packages and tarriffs etc. Our representative will call you to guide you with the process.


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  1. StormFiber is the best. Best designed and not jugaad like the rest. They are backed by Cybernet which is top experience in fiber and running internet operations.

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