Wateen to Discontinue Internet Services

Wateen to Discontinue Internet Services

In a recent move Wateen has sent notices to residential subscribers of discontinuing internet services by 30th June 2015. Received by post, these letters (copy provided below) indicate closing down of Wateen services and option of switching to alternate service provider if customer agrees.

Following is the text of letter that was sent to one of the customers:

Dear ________

Ever since the inception of Wateen Wimax (Pvt) Ltd, our primary focus has been towards providing an outstanding broadband experience to its customers. We have always strived towards attainment of excellence within the telecom industry and the best interest of the customer has always been our paramount concern.

Unfortunately the socioeconomic conditions in the country and the prevailing market trends have incapacitated Wateen Wimax (Pvt) Ltd. from further attainment of its envisioned ambition, and it is with regret that we must inform you that Wateen Wimax (Pvt) Ltd. has decided to discontinue the provisioning of broadband internet services within your area. The decision with respect to the discontinuation of service has been taken after thorough deliberation and the evaluation of all alternative options.

However, in consonance with our dedication to safeguard the interest of our customers, Wateen has, subject to your consent formalized all possible arrangements to effectuate a seamless transition from the network of Wateen Wimax (Pvt) Ltd. to that of Warid LTE. This alternative solution ensure you stay connected and have continuing access to the internet.

We thank you for your continued support and shall endeavor that migration procedure is as convenient and hassle-free as possible. Your satisfaction has always been our priority – your trust, our true reward.

Feel free to call our customer service representative with any queries on the following helpline number 111-365-111.

The discontinuation of service shouldn’t come as a surprise. Wateen and Qubee had formed a joint venture called NewCo. that had started to manage Wateen services and the company migrated operations that severely affected performance in many areas.

In many areas Wateen had started to remove its towers, causing complete lack of signals for its customers, and these towers were later auctioned through newspaper advertisements. Affected customers were asked to contact helpline for a refund. Many of these customers had purchased Wateen service with hefty upfront cost in order to benefit from discount packages, such as pay for two and get one month service free and pay for six months and get four months internet free.

The most weirdest aspect of this letter is the recommendation of Warid LTE rather than continuing with the joint venture NewCo. or migrate to another ISP like Qubee. Wateen is a Wimax service while Warid LTE is a 4G technology, much expensive and with limited coverage compared to what Wateen offered. Moreover, Wateen provided unlimited downloads which is not available in 4G and an 1800/month package of Wateen is much different than more expensive and data-capped MiFi packages from Warid.

Being an ISP Wateen had a process to resolve customer complaints, with representative visiting premises of the customer to make sure internet service is working properly. Customers will not receive the same treatment by migrating to Warid which provides mobile broadband.

Other ISPs are still providing quality service in the city. Qubee, Wi-Tribe, PTCL, Worldcall etc are providing services to the customers and are better broadband options for residential areas. Customers can choose suitable packages by checking their area on SmartChoice.pk website.

Wateen Letter

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