Choosing the right 3G/4G mobile broadband

Choosing the best 3G/4G mobile broadband

Mobile broadband is a term that refers to Dongles, Wingles and MiFi devices that provide plug-and-play internet that you can use on the move with your laptop and mobile phone. It is an excellent way to stay connected, but one needs to make the smart choice to select the service that works best for them.

Telenor, Zong and Warid recently launched Dongles, Wingles and Mifi devices that claim to offer high speed internet but before deciding upon any of them it is vital to know how they perform in your area. With the following method, you can identify the most productive of the services:

  1. Insert SIM of the mobile operator (this will be the SIM of provider you considering to purchase dongle) in a spare mobile and check its reception in the areas you plan to use the dongle/wingle
  2. Since Mobile Use this mobile to check reception in various areas and at various times for consistency
  3. In case your friend has a dongle/wingle, check the internet reception in your desired areas with their help
  4. Use Speed Test, available through browser as well as on smartphones, to check the speed of the internet
  5. Speed on dongle and SIM would be same for each service provider, so SIM is a good option to test the service first
  6. Checking coverage map of telecom operators is helpful as it will save a lot of time by eliminating services not available in the area

Nearly all telecom service providers offer internet dongles launched in 2015.  Telenor provide 3G Connect and 3G Connect WiFi that have 20 GB and 30 GB monthly data cap and are available wherever Telenor 3G is offered. Warid LTE devices offer LTE services in major urban areas of Pakistan and Zong offers a variety of 3G/4G devices that can be used in most urban centers.

Do you use any dongle from the telecom service providers? How is the performance in your area? Let us know in the comments below.

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