Qubee Goes Truly Unlimited

Qubee Goes Truly Unlimited

Qubee Pakistan has come out with some exciting new offers in August. This month being the month of “Azaadi”, when Pakistan gained independence back in 1947, Qubee has applied the term in a number of ways.

Truly Unlimited

Qubee has removed Fair Usage Policy on all Unlimited packages for the month of August. That means all the users who had Fair Usage Policy limit of 40 GB and 70 GB on their connections can now use it without fear of running out of data. It does not apply on non-unlimited connections which will be restricted by the data caps already placed upon them.

Azaadi Offer

Qubee has come out with the new Azaadi Package, 1 Mbps shuttle, with unlimited data for the month of August. Following are the details of the package:

Package: Explore Max (Azaadi)

Monthly Charges: Rs. 800

Data Cap: Truly Unlimited for August 2015 (data cap after August yet to be determined)

Setup Charges: Rs. 1500

Device Type: USB Dongle

The new Azaadi package provides a lot of benefits and ease in very little cost. The 1 Mbps Unlimited will be without data limit for the month of August and data cap for following months will be announced soon. It would have been better if Qubee had announced the removal of data cap for longer time, like 3 months, to make it truly worthwhile experience.

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