Understanding Spyware

Understanding Spyware

Spyware, as the name suggests, are programs that steal data and information without your knowledge and permission. They are designed to infect systems with minimal detection and embed within critical services, making it difficult to find and remove them.

With the ever evolving technologies, the programs are becoming smarter as well. The methods of infiltration are evolving as well, therefor it is important to understand the types of Spywares and what they do. Following is a brief summary in the varieties of Spywares.

Trojan Horse

Trojan Horses are programs capable of stealing information from your system and impact files including deleting them. They are designed to provide access to the system’s controls to remote entities, allowing unrestricted access to the system when it connects to a network or internet. Be it addition of files, deleting them, copying or doing any other activity, the Trojan Horse fully facilitates the hacking.


Some spyware do not function in hidden ways like Trojan Horse. Those, such as Adwares, are a lot more open and infect the system via various methods. The adwares install on the system and display various ads to the users, redirect browsers and collects information such as search history and websites URLs to further refine ads. Most of the advertisements are of paid softwares and services, which includes those related to porn industry. A different variety of Adware, called Pornware, is completely specific to porn that include making calls to adult services and show ads of porn websites. The adwares install themselves on the system through freeware softwares as well as by hacking browsers.

Key Loggers and System Monitors

Programs designed as system monitors and key loggers monitor the system and record information that is sent to the origin system. They usually run in background and make a list of every activity doneby the user. Key Loggers, in particular, are designed to capture information such as login details and credit card info which can be used for illegal purposes. Other activities such as chatting and email composing are compromised as well with the key logger recording all info.

How to Protect Yourself?

Unlike virus, spywares usually do not destroy data or corrupt it severely. Whenever a new spyware is detected, tools are made available by security experts to clean it from the systems. Antivirus solutions, particularly the paid versions (not cracked), work well to protect you from most viruses and malwares. The regularly made available virus definitions helps in detection of malwares and stop them from infecting the system.

Most antivirus, however, are not capable of cleaning the system when a malware has infected it deeply. For such cases more specialized tools are required that specialize in malware detection and removal, such as SpyHunter.

Updated firewall, including windows built-in, goes a long way to prevent malwares and adwares from infecting through network.

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