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Wi-Tribe Launches “Buzz” : Pakistan’s First Communication App!

Wi-Tribe is one of the leading WiMax operators in Pakistan that provides various broadband packages for users of all types. The residential users of Wi-Tribe enjoy a wide range of packages and services that enable them to use broadband speed they prefer at affordable rates. Recently they have launched “Buzz“, touted as the first Pakistani communication app, below is a general review that should help you understand and get around the app.

What is Buzz?
First of all, I’d like to give you a general introduction of Buzz, it’s a communication app that’s for the Android platform for now, that helps you make VoIP calls for free for Buzz users including group calls and instant messages along with file sharing. Not just that, it comes with the ability to call any international/local numbers as well for quite competitive tariffs. Now you’d think that many other apps on the Android Play Store do the same, but there’s a unique feature to it as well, you can opt to get a virtual landline number that you can use for your personal/business usage without the hassle of getting a new landline/mobile connection. To get a virtual number all you need to do is subscribe and it assigns you a random virtual number. The only condition is that you need to have atleast PKR100 in your account and it needs a valid email ID and your CNIC number to register.

Usage & Recharge:
Coming towards the basic usage of the app, it’s pretty simple and the user interface is very easy to go through. Once you’re done installing the app, it greets you with a welcome screen from where you register your number, just like you would with WhatsApp or Viber. Once the automatic registration is done, it seamlessly syncs with your existing contacts and shows you three tabs namely Calls, Contacts and Chats. The Contacts tab is divided into two categories one of which is reserved for those people who have already joined Buzz and call be sent instant messages and calls for free and the other tab shows all contacts that includes numbers that you can contact through the paid local/international calls feature. Additionally there is a slide out menu on the left top corner that takes you to Settings that lets you change your profile picture, add contacts, subscribe to a virtual number and recharge your credit etc. The recharge process is fairly simple as well and you’re given two options to either recharge from a Wi-Tribe prepaid scratch card or to use your debit/credit card.

User Interface & File Sharing:
The user interface is clean and minimal and goes easy on the eyes, the Calls tab shows your incoming/outgoing calls and lets you call any number locally or internationally and also shows your remaining credit. Also when making an outgoing call, you get the option to choose to call from either Buzz or your existing telecomm provider.
Alternatively you can also choose to send instant messages that also let you send multimedia in the form of images, documents, audio and video. Since this app is focused on the Pakistani market, Buzz comes with an array of desi emoticons to express your feelings. You can also send a group message with upto 30 participants.

Performance & Battery Endurance:
Coming to the actual performance of the app itself, it’s actually very good, voice calls are perfectly clear and have good audio quality, connection was stable during my usage but obviously this depends on your internet quality. The app itself was stable to use without any crashes and best of all it doesn’t put a huge drain on your battery. All in all it was a very pleasant experience to give this app a spin and it’s highly recommended specially for those who want a virtual landline number for their personal home/office/small business usage. The only thing I’d ask for improvement upon the existing app is to add video calls as well but as it stands right now, it’s a solid offering in itself.

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