Apple iPhone Storage Upgrade Hack Found!

Apple iPhone Storage Upgrade Hack Found!

In China’s grey market, you can find almost anything if you’re willing to pay the price. From endangered animal species to all sorts of foreign products brought in through illegal channels. It’s the place to get things when you can’t get them elsewhere. Recently an interesting thing has been offered by mobile retailers in China. Read on to find out what it is!

Everyone knows the iPhone. It’s the phone everyone wants but not everyone can afford. People have been selling kidneys to buy iPhones as the craze and hype behind Apple products is massively insane!

Now word on the street is that market retailers in China are offering 16GB to 128GB upgrades on iPhone 6/6 Plus for as low as $90. Officially Apple has a price difference of $100 between storage upgrade which means $200 price difference between 16GB and 128GB variants.

Now comes the question if it’s actually possible or not and how it’s done. Actually, the whole upgrading process is not complicated. The mobile store technician first cracks open the phone and takes out the circuit board. The materials stored in the current memory chip is moved to a 128GB one using a hard drive serial number reader. The technician subsequently heats the board, takes out the old memory chip, and replaces it with a new one. Updating it on a computer is the last step.

Chinese mobile stores claim that there are no negative effect of this upgrading process. Serial number, type number, phone color, Wi-Fi address, and Bluetooth address can reportedly all be copied to the new memory chip through a hard drive serial number reader.

The response to this has been mixed by the general public, some people are skeptical if this process will really work apart from the fact that it voids any warranty and the iPhone could probably be detected as tampered and blocked by Apple remotely. On the other hand some people say that this is the level of Chinese wisdom that they can bypass American technology and modify it the way they want to. There has been no statement from Apple on this particular case.

What do you say? We know that this might not be the best practice to upgrade but if this really works then it’s only because Apple has kept steep pricing for storage upgrades. With storage needs growing as people move into the 4K video recording and playback era along with high quality apps that consume gigabytes of precious storage we think that more people will go for this workaround as it’s a much cheaper alternative to Apple’s upgrade pricing. However if you are one of those people who don’t like tinkering with their devices and care about their warranty then it’s best that you stay away and purchase products through official channels. If successful like the Jailbreak, it might force Apple to reduce its prices in the future.

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