ZONG Relaunches Double Volume Offer!

ZONG Relaunches Double Volume Offer!

Remember the Double Volume offer that was launched back in July and was a massive hit with the consumers? Well guess what it’s back. Zong is now offering the double volume offer on it’s 4G Mi-Fi and 4G Wingle both. There are a few things to be noted though which we are going to list below.

Firstly, the price of 4G Mi-Fi has been increased from PKR2500 to PKR3000, but we feel its not unfair as there was a huge demand for it and this is just how economics plays out. What’s good is that this offer is now for 4G Wingle users as well so nobody gets left out. All you have to do is pay the device charges i.e 3000PKR for 4G Mi-Fi and 2000PKR for 4G Wingle, along with that you have to subscribe to the 3 month bundle for 4000PKR and that’s it. You’ll enjoy  Double volume for 3 months! Keep in mind that this offer expires on 31st December 2015 so make sure you get your hands on it before the offer runs out.

To order your 4G Mi-Fi click here

To order your 4G Wingle click here

Additionally many users have been complaining that their data limit runs out quickly. To keep a check on your data limit install Huawei Hi Link app from the Android/iOS app stores and keep a check on how much data is being used in real time.

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  1. Zong 4G internet SIM available in 149 Rs. with FREE TCS all over pakistan.

    you can enjoy double volume offer

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