Looking for Best Postpaid Package in Rs.1000? Find out your Options!

Looking for Best Postpaid Package in Rs.1000? Find out your Options!

It’s the modern age and smartphone are in every hand these days which leads to an immense usage of Mobile Data for voice calls, video streaming, video calls, email and instant chat. All this usage gets difficult to keep track of hence consumers are now considering between Prepaid and Postpaid to get the best value for their money.

All Telcos in Pakistan offer two different pricing plans, Prepaid and Postpaid. Though both Prepaid and Postpaid have their pros and cons but there are certain advantages of postpaid connection which would allow you to enjoy certain benefits. For starters, you get priority customer support services along with the benefit of not having to deal with those extremely annoying promotional calls/SMS. There is also the option of getting your call history for the whole month with your monthly bill and you can also claim your taxes that are paid on top of your monthly line rent whereas Prepaid plans lack such option. Majority of the  subscribers in Pakistan are currently using Prepaid but there is a certain market of young people that are getting into professional lives and need to keep more in contact than ever before but remain within a budget which is why they might consider switching to Postpaid plans.

Below we will list a table of Postpaid packages from all 5 Telcos in Pakistan within the price range of PKR 1000, so that users who wish to stay within a limited budget can make the smart choice of choosing the one that suits them best!

Postpaid packages in Rs. 1000

Telco On-Net Mins Off-Net Mins Free SMS Free Data Line Rent Package Details
TELENOR 1200 Mins For All Networks 1000 1GB PKR 1000 Smart 1000
ZONG 1000 Mins For All Networks 1000 1GB PKR 1000 SmartXcess 999
UFONE 500 Mins 500 Mins 200 1GB PKR 1000 Ultra U999
WARID 500 Mins 500 Mins 400 100MB PKR 1000 W1000
MOBILINK 3000+500FnF 500 Mins 1000 1GB PKR 1000 M999

Disclaimer: All prices mentioned above are exclusive of all applicable taxes.

We have mentioned the best Postpaid packages available in Pakistan within PKR 1000 for all Telcos, however this is only one side of the picture and there are some other factors that need to be considered as well to truly get the most out of your Postpaid plan. Hence we are listing these one by one below.

Rollover Minutes:
Zong is the only carrier to offer Rollover Minutes. What this basically means is that if you have leftover minutes from last month, they will be added to your current month instead of getting wasted. This can be very good for users who are not sure whether they will be able to consume the talktime minutes.

Security Deposit:
First of all let us inform our readers what a security deposit is and what its purpose is. A security deposit is a refundable amount that acts as a credit limit. For e.g if your monthly line rent is PKR 1000 then you can exceed your usage upto PKR 2500 without paying the bill. As about 90% of your credit limit is reached the company disables your outgoing services and then you can pay your bill partly/fully to resume using the services.

Here again Zong is facilitating its customers as its refundable security deposit (Rs. 2500) for both IDD(International Direct Dialing) as well as NWD(Nation Wide Dialing) within Pakistan. Other Telcos are charging a separate amount as security deposit of around PKR 2500 for IDD calls (in addition to Rs. 2500 for NWD calls).

Mobile Money Wallet:
Telenor is offering a free Easy Paisa account with its Postpaid plans. However other carriers like Ufone charge a small fee for this facility. EasyPaisa has proven to be a very useful feature as it has made the hassle of bill payments easier as you don’t have to stand in long queues at the bank. It also helps us send money instantly to our loved ones any time of the day.

Additional Data Bundles:
If you have exhausted your data bundle and want to get an additional one, then Warid offers the cheapest data bundle starting from PKR 100 for 500MB. However keep in mind that Warid offers very little Data limit in its Postpaid plans so getting a bundle might be necessary however it might add to your monthly bill Whereas other carriers offer 1GB data with their Postpaid plans. Zong also offers cheap bundles starting at PKR 50/150MB and PKR 150/500MB.

Video/Voice Calls over IP:
While some carriers in Pakistan are charging VoIP/Video Calls from the provided data bundle, some carriers like Ufone and Telenor charge separately as per normal data rates for Whatsapp, Skype, Hangout and other calling apps which might be a bummer for most users in Pakistan as these services are heavily used to contact loved ones living abroad.

Ufone charges PKR 20/MB for the 1st MB and then 19MBs are counted free and then 1MB is charged again at PKR20/MB and this cycle continues.
Telenor charges Video Calls at PKR 1/MB whereas charging of video calls is done at a 5 minute pulse and charges are PKR 2/5 minutes.

Our Verdict:
Having given you all the nitty gritty details about all the factors that should be taken into consideration before switching to a Postpaid plan that a potential customer must analyze before making a switch. You can check all of these features offered by various carriers in Pakistan and then choose one that fits their needs best. With that being said we think that overall we’d prefer Telenor for its wide coverage and overall good Postpaid packages, however Telenor is separately charging for various VoIP/Video Call services which should be kept in mind.Also, If 4G LTE is a must for you then we’d say that Zong is a better choice over Warid as it offers 1GB of data volume within its Postpaid package whereas Warid skimps out on offering data within the packages but has attractive data bundles to be bought separately.

Did our article help you reach a decision to switch to Postpay? Don’t forget to voice your opinions in the comments below!

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