PTCL Smart TV Packages and Pricing Explained!

PTCL Smart TV Packages and Pricing Explained!

PTCL has launched its Smart TV offer and lately it’s gaining a lot of popularity among people in Pakistan. In this PTCL Smart TV review we will talk in detail about what features does PTCL Smart TV offer comes along with its pricing.

What is PTCL Smart TV:

It’s an IPTV(Internet Protocol Television) based system in which the transmission is delivered via broadband internet instead of terrestrial/satellite signals or Cable TV. IPTV technology essentially streams the data in small packets which lets it be played before it’s fully transmitted. It needs a STB(Set Top Box) that receives digital signal and decodes and transmits it in a format that’s viewable on the television screen. This is played back in digital quality as opposed to Cable TV that features superb audio and video for an exceptional viewing experience. It also has the benefit of no downtime due to cable operator having a power failure.

PTCL is the only telecom provider that’s offering all three services as a bundle all over Pakistan. This bundle includes Smart TV Set Top Box, DSL Broadband Internet and Landline Telephone. It’s called the Triple Play bundle. However you can purchase just the Smart TV services if you are already using PTCL internet services. But if you’re not a PTCL Broadband DSL user then you’ll need to get a Landline connection to avail these services as the Smart TV Set Top Box is connected to your internet modem.

Now let’s talk about a few features that you will get with PTCL Smart TV packages that your normal cable operator doesn’t provide you and can be really useful and exciting.

TV On Demand:
TV on Demand is an exciting feature of PTCL Smart TV packages that allows viewers to watch programs from the past 4 days at their own convenience.

Personal Video Recorder:
With the Personal Video Recorder viewers can schedule the recording of their favorite program to be aired in the next/upcoming 4 days. The viewer can watch these recorded programs at their time of convenience. The recorded program is stored for 4 days from the time of recording.   

Time Shift TV:
Time Shift TV is an awesome feature that enables you to playback live TV channels at any time you want. If you miss an important part of a movie, drama or a sports event, you can view it by rewinding the particular channel.

Parental Control:

This feature enables parents to restrict certain channels which are not suitable for viewing by minors. Restriction is enabled by assigning a password to particular channel thus empowering parents to control the content their children can watch on PTCL Smart TV.

Electronic Program Guide:
Electronic Program Guide is a feature packed on-screen guide that enables viewer interaction during channel and program selection. It can schedule broadcast television programs and enables viewers to navigate, select, and discover content by time, title, channel, genre, etc. by use of their remote control. It also provides access to billing details, changing password and managing favorites.

Video On Demand:
Video on Demand is a service that provides end users to interactively play videos and films through a catalogue available on the Electronic Program Guide.  A film that is selected, for example, will be available for multiple viewing for 24 hours without any extra charge. Do keep in mind that this feature is charged as per movie basis or you can purchase bundles.

PTCL Smart TV App:
One thing to note here is that unlike Cable TV, PTCL Smart TV only displays one channel on multiple TVs however the Smart TV Android/iOS mobile app enables you to live stream other channels on your smartphones and tablet PCs  so you don’t miss those exciting cricket matches while the females in your house are watching their never ending drama episodes! 😀

Huge Number of Channels:

With PTCL Smart TV, you can flick between more than 120 channels. One thing to note is due to restrictions by regulatory authorities, indian channels are not available on PTCL Smart TV.

Pricing Details:


PTCL Smart TV Packages

Monthly Cost Installation Cost Set-Top Box Charges Notes
4Mbps Triple Play(New Customers) PKR 2250* PKR 2250** PKR250 for 24 months Or PKR5000 one-time *Smart TV charges PKR450 waived off

**One-Time Cost

*** Exclusive of Internet  + Landline Charges.

 1-2Mbps Existing Users Getting PTCL Smart TV PKR450*** No Charges

PKR250 for 24 months Or PKR5000 one-time

All prices exclusive of applicable taxes
PTCL Triple Play comes with 500 off net mobile minutes & 100 international Zone 1 destination minutes.
Value Added Services are free.

How To Order:
To avail PTCL Triple Play offers  from SmartChoice.PK you can click here to check out all the available PTCL Smart TV package charges and order them right away. To check out other available PTCL packages visit . Additionally you may call us at 03-111-276-278. The installation time is 7 business days. After that PTCL technical staff will visit your premises for installation and configuration purposes and to setup PTCL Smart TV. You will not have to pay anything at the time of installation and all charges regarding PTCL Smart TV monthly bill will show up in your PTCL landline monthly bill.

That’s all folks, we hope this blog post helped you know all about the PTCL Smart TV features, offers and pricing. To all existing users, please provide us with your experience with PTCL and your feedback in the comments section below!

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  1. Nice Post

    All packages are good and designed as per all types of customers’ requirement.
    But I think that prices are higher than other service providers.

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