WorldCall's Future in Pakistan Seems Unsure!

WorldCall’s Future in Pakistan Seems Unsure!

Word is out that WorldCall, which is currently an OmanTel subsidiary, might soon be sold out to a new owner!

OmanTel is the largest telecommunications service provider in the Sultanate of Oman. However  WorldCall itself has failed to achieve the same glory here in Pakistan as their services are on the lowest currently, their marketing and retail operations seem to be at their lowest right now and this is because of not having proper infrastructure and offering competitive services and offers as other providers did with the passage of time. WorldCall started its operations in Pakistan in 1996 when it introduced Prepaid Wireless phones and latest introduced Cable Broadband and then Wireless Broadband, Cable TV to Video on Demand, from LDI services and fiber optic network to wireless local loop telephony, it has offered a multitude of services to consumers in Pakistan. WorldCall Telecom Limited became a sister company of Omantel after acquisition of major share holding by Omantel in 2008.

However due to its poor performance and inability to pay back its creditors and stakeholders, it’s rumoured that WorldCall might be acquired by Dunya News Network in the due course of forthcoming few days. If this comes true then it’s a possibility that a media group for the first time in Pakistan would also be offering it’s own Cable TV services. Which leads us to ponder that would it still convey neutral content or become biased? WorldCall being acquired by a media group means that it will no longer be a national service but one that’s affiliated with one group.

However it’s only speculation at the moment and you should take this with a pinch of salt. We hope to learn more about the fate of WorldCall’s future in Pakistan in the coming few days!

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