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9 things to check before buying a used car

9 Things to Check Before Buying a Used Car

With the drastic increase in car prices every year, it becomes quite hard for a person on a normal salary to change their car frequently, let alone owning a new one. So most of the people are left with only one option, and that is to buy a second hand car. To us, ‘second hand’ car seems like something in a bad state which is not very presentable or durable, but if you are someone who knows about cars, these second hand cars often prove to be a better deal than brand new ones.

They are cheap, and if correctly examined, can be in good condition too. So all it takes for a second hand car to look and feel new, is a little vigilance on your side.

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What to check before buying a used car

Though while a used car can be of some advantages, there are a few drawbacks as well if you don’t do a thorough check. As per the expert advice, here are a few things that you should specially check before buying it to ensure a quality purchase.

1. Test drive

This is very important, as a car may seem as good as new but you only know about its condition when you test the engine. A test drive will tell you how smooth the engine is working , if there are any unusual sounds or not and most of all, is it comfortable for you (brakes, accelerator, steering etc.).

2. Aesthetics

You should thoroughly check the inside and the outside of the car. Small defects can greatly change the price. The seller might not emphasize on the small drawbacks, so its on you to cross check.

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3. Superficial check

Check the paint, body and the parts of the car. Small rust spots, irregularity and breaks can say a lot about the car’s maintenance. This effects the working of the car.

4. Check exhaust system

This is the place that is most prone to rust. Check the car from all sides, specially the bottom. If the exhaust is rusted or any such defect, then the car might not last long.

5. Engine!

Check the engine for rusts, leakages or dents. Engine is the powerhouse of the car; hence it should be the most well maintained part in perfect working to ensure the car’s long life.

6. Air conditioner

What gives a new car that fresh smell? Yes, it’s the air conditioner!

Air conditioners are easy to maintain, they gain their freshness after every service, so checking the air conditioner says tons about the quality of maintenance of the car.

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7. Check for any leaks

Start the car and leave it at the same spot for at least a minute, then move a little forward. Check the previous spot for any leakages. Black fluid means there is a leak in the tank -leaking oil, green fluid may indicate a leak in anti-freeze, and pink fluid shows a leak in the transmission.

8. Search for other vendors and their quotations

Often when we don’t have profound knowledge on anything, the seller takes advantage and sells it at a higher price while showing us that it is perfectly normal. So to be sure of the market price of that car, you can cross check the price with other vendors who are selling the same car. The prices may fluctuate depending on the condition, but you get a rough idea of the range.

 9. Take help from an expert

This should be your last step when you are satisfied by your choice. Show the car to some good mechanic, as often you might skip out on some details that you don’t think are important. A mechanic would know best about cars, so they will evaluate every necessary detail with precision and elaborate you on it further.

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So make sure you take all of these points under consideration. Some might seem very small, but they help you get the best pick in a nominal price!

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