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A 20 Minutes Exercise Guide to Transform Your Health

Understanding the importance of anything is your life is the key to staying motivated and achieving your goal.

The time is changing and so do our eating habits. Basically, we need to work on our eating habits and find which food items have an adverse impact on our health. As we all know obesity is caused by junk food, but this is not the only cause of obesity. There is much more that can lead to you major health issues like obesity and the most important thing is leading to a limited body movements.

As we have entered the age of technology the patterns of working have also changed. We are getting more and more computerized which we mean that we can get all the things done right at our fingertips, leading to lesser body movement. In such situations, even the healthiest person can become fat and have many other health issues. Thus, important is to stay healthy while keeping your life running at the same time.

Physical movement is one of the most important things that can help you deal with your health issues timely and effectively. Despite the fact that there are unlimited health benefits of physical exercise, here we will talk about the three most prominent issues:

  1. Physical exercise on daily basis can help you stay healthy and live longer. Even the low-intensity exercise on daily basis can have an incredible impact on your overall health. It can help you lower the risk of cancer, diabetes and other chronic health issues. You do not need to do hardcore exercise that may leave you exhausted and drained. You can simple do gardening or some walk would be enough.
  2. Physical exercise can help you be strong and keep your muscles strong and healthy is of great importance as you may let your body work properly and staying active in your life for a longer time period. It will also help you have a naturally fit and active body that functions properly.
  3. Light physical exercise can help your body to stay active and healthy and keep your mood boosted. You can generate the ability to deal with problems with a positive mindset and you can find solutions to the things easily. You will be stressed lesser and will be smiling for most of the time.

Some small and quick workout on daily basis is the best workout to keep your mind and body at its 100%. With simple exercises, you may be able to burn your calories or build up any gym body. However, you can have a good mood and a positive mind with a healthy body to cope with day to day struggles efficiently. The experts have also recommended adopting small exercises on daily basis to stay healthy and fit.

Here are some of the easiest to do and quick exercises that you can do to keep your body and mind active. You can do these exercises even at your home with minimum or no equipment all that you will need is 20 minutes from your daily life routine.

Squeezing In- A Fast Gym Hit:

There are some super short workouts that can do miracles and you do not waste your time going to the gym. Even a 20 minutes session of these simple exercises at your home, you can have the fit and refresh the mind and body after a long day at work. You can do the body weight squat at your home as a beginner.

How To Do It

  • Stand tall as much as you can with your feet spread slightly wider than the shoulder-width apart.
  • Now you need to hold your arms straight, out in the front at shoulder level.
  • Make sure your arms are parallel to the floor.
  • Now keep your torso upright and this would be positioned during the entire movement.
  • Keep your lower back slightly curved.
  • Now brace your abs and the lower body as far as you can. You can do it by pushing your hips back and by bending both knees
  • Pause for 5 seconds and push yourself back to the initial position.
  • Repeat the process for 15 to 20 times.

Get Better Hard-On With Incline Pushup:

Twenty minutes of interval for weight training can be amazing.

How to Do It:
7 minutes of warm-up

Lay down on the floor with your hands placed on a slightly raised surface. You can use a box, an ottoman or a bench for this purpose. Stairs can also be a good idea.

Your body will form a straight line from your ankles and to your head.

Keep your body stiff and lower your body until your upper arms dip down to your elbow.

Wait in this position for a few seconds and then move back to the initial position as fast as you can.

Repeat the process for 10 to 15 minutes

Remember the higher the surface will be the easier this exercise will become.

Jumpstart Your Heart:

Do you have a lawn at your home? Or some open space where your kids generally play? Try having a trampoline over there. Jumping on the trampoline would surely be fun for you. having some time for yourself and giving your childhood memories a kick can be of great joy for you. You can simply have this little trampoline venture for 2 minutes a day and it will burn calories as that of 20 minutes running at the speed of 6mph or biking of about 4mph. It can also increase the heart rate and that of the intake of oxygen.

Exercise can be fun for sure. Not taking time out for yourself may end up dealing with a deadly disease. If you are looking to live a long healthy and active life these small exercises can help you do that without struggling to take long hours out of your tough work routine. You can spend this time with your family and kids having fun and transferring healthy living habits in the next generation as well. Plus none of these activities will take more than 20 minutes of your routine life which means that you can keep yourself healthy while giving no harm to your work and family activities. Make your life fun and easy with these small yet effective physical activities.

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