Top 3 Distinctive Health Insurance Plans from Jubilee General Insurance -

Top 3 Distinctive Health Insurance Plans from Jubilee General Insurance

Insurance industry has become competitive with the passing time as people are now more aware of the things that can happen without any foreseen symptoms or any warning , people have understood that there should be a cushion  that they can use whenever the situation may arise as every day is not a sunny day and rain may occur when we are not carrying our umbrella, so its better to prepared than to be caught off-guard and face undesirable and problematic consequences.

Jubilee Insurance has been one of that kind of a company having the vision to facilitate people with all such kinds of umbrellas that shall help them through any such situations and when searching for any kind of insurance of comprehensive plans Jubilee general insurance is our very first destination.

Those who are looking for health insurance are surely aware of the list of companies that appear on our screen who claim to offer exclusive health insurance plans. If you are one such individual do not fall for fake promises. Most of these companies are not even clear with what is meant by health insurance and what the main purpose of offering any such service is. This is where the Jubilee General Insurance has come up with the innovative plans that make it stand different from other companies and it is the reason why most of the people trust Jubilee insurance for their services.

The Jubilee General Insurance has offered new health insurance plans on the basis of years of experience excellence, passion, and integrity. Jubilee General Insurance is known as one of the most reputed health insurance service providers in Pakistan. It is associated with some of the well-known hospitals across Pakistan with its head office located in Karachi and an exclusive network in all the major cities of the country.

With the revolution in the insurance sector, around the globe, Jubilee General Insurance has come up with amazing ideas to facilitate customers with the best of services.

With its latest approaches, Jubilee General Insurance is able to be known as s disruptor and innovator of traditional services and high quality of the products delivered. With the help of digital media, Jubilee General Insurance is progressing rapidly with a faster, convenient and reliable automation processing and enhance control over the delivery of a better customer experience.

Recently Jubilee General Insurance has come up with new insurance plans every single person in our family. These plans are crafted based on the needs of an individual giving the customer and ease to pay only for the services they are willing to avail.

  • The Parent Care Insurance Plan by Jubilee General Insurance:

The Jubilee General Insurance, for the very first time in Pakistan, has introduced the Parent Care insurance plan that is innovative and one of its kind health insurance plan for the masses. This plan is specifically for the people who at the time of registering for the plan fall in the age bracket of 45 to 65 years of age and can be renewed till the age of 70.

The hook of the idea is that you can buy the plan for your own self, your spouse, parents or even for your parent’s in law. Jubilee General Insurance has also facilitated the customers to buy this plan online with just a few and easy steps. This plan is specifically designed by the experts keeping in mind all the needs of the customers and this is the reason why every single detail needs to be available with the high level of convenience for both the parties making sure that in all cases the person gets comprehensive healthcare cover.

  • Product Features of Parent Care Plan:

The parent care health insurance plan by Jubilee General Insurance offers a number of perks to the insurer including;  

  •   Provision of cashless benefits with the help of preferred service providers
  •   No initial medical tests
  •   Limited health cover for already existing health issues
  •   A free look period of 14 days with the option of cancellation if you are not satisfied

What are the Value Added Services?

The plan also offers you credit facility to be used on more than 200 hospitals in the country, the user shall also get a customized health care card. You can use this plan with the help of any of the two given packages; Silver plan worth of PKR 200,000 or Gold Plan worth PKR 300,000.

This package is available for people within a certain age limit and they can switch the plan after renewal, this plan is for the Pakistani nationals only. You can find more details about the plan in the plan section of the Jubilee insurance website.

  • The Critical Care Insurance Plan:

Life is unpredictable and you may need a helping hand at any time in your life. This is the reason why  Jubilee General Insurance offers the plan that offers the critical health care services with the help of exclusively designed critical care insurance plan. It is designed to help you protect your life in the time when you are all alone to meet all your needs.

Product Features of the Critical Care Insurance Plan:

The Jubilee General Insurance Critical Care Insurance Plan is specifically designed to cover get insured person in case he or she is diagnosed for the 7 major critical illness that is pointed out in the policy. The service provider will pay the whole amount of the covered limit without asking for any medical test or bills. Other prominent features of the plan include the cash to pay to for medical treatments that are not covered by the health plan, the cash to pay your loans, the cash to pay for the child school or college, the cash for traveling for the treatment and the cash for maintaining your lifestyle. You can also seek help from round the clock emergency services.

What Critical Diseases are covered?

The critical diseases that are covered in the critical illness plan by Jubilee include; open-chest coronary artery bypass surgery; cancer; heart attack; stroke; kidney failure; paralysis and major organ transplant. You can find more details about the plan by visiting the official website of Jubilee General Insurance.

HerCare Health Care Insurance Plan:

We do celebrate a special day for women-but do we have any especially insurance plan for HER?

Celebrating a day once a year is not enough to celebrate women and the beauty and joy she brings to everyone’s life, A women also needs care and not just in the general, but in a special way, as they are special their  needs should also be taken care in a special manner, for that Jubilee general insurance has come up with a customized plan for women focusing specifically on the women and offered a comprehensive insurance plan to help these ladies in stage or phase of their life.

What Does the HerCare Insurance Plan Include?

The HerCare Insurance plan, offered by the Jubilee General Insurance is all about offering a specific critical illness policy for her care is focused on covering the most commonly found health issues and critical illness, specific to women. This policy can offer a lump-sum amount that is insured if the women who own the insurance is found to have any of the following critical diseases; Breast Cancer; Cervical Cancer; Burns; Paralysis or Multi-trauma; Fallopian Tube Cancer; Uterine or Endometrial Cancer; Vaginal Cancer; and Ovarian Cancer.

It is the right time to bring the change, take your first step today to secure the future of your loved ones tomorrow. Jubilee General Insurance is focused to offer you all the services that you may ever wish to have to ensure the well-being of your family, with amazing Jubilee General Insurance policies and plans, you can now have it all, right on your fingertips.


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