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10 Everyday Food Items Which are Killer for Your Child’s Health

Humans are on the list of a few creatures who have the ability to ignore their core survival instincts. We keep challenging our nature and body with activities that have a negative impact on our body and mind. Thus to become a healthy human and to live long, from an early age, we need to adopt habits that help us in our survival rather than putting it on stake.

However, things become more concerning when you turn to be a parent.  As a parent, you need to be concerned about the nutritional needs of your kids in growing age. You need to keep a check on what eating habits they are adopting and what they must eat and what not.

With such concerns on a serious level, it can be an overwhelming situation when you get many different types of information and not sure about which is right and which one is not. It is important to pay attention to eating habits that your kids will adopt. As the preferences they will set in their early age will have a great influence on their dietary habits in later life. Thus, vital is to instil healthy eating habits in kids and build a healthy relationship between your kids and organic food.

Once the kid starts eating solid food, you will realize that the food cooked with most love and care gets rejected by them. Facing one such issue is completely normal, all that you need to do is to learn more about what actually healthy food is and tackle related issues. With some minor attention to the kids, you can alter their eating habits and make them eat what you think is better for them. But there are also times you have to let them eat what they are willing to, but allowing that every now and then can cause some major health issues.

Are your sure what you are choosing for the kids to eat is actually healthy? And it does not have any side effect on your kid’s health?

Yes! There are many commonly found foods items in your kitchen that are dangerous for your kids and must not be fed to them. Here is a list of some of these harmful food items that your kids may like to eat but they must not.

 1. Margarine

Margarine is a combination of refined oils and chemicals that are mixed together in a way that they look and taste like food. In simple words, margarine is processed fat that carries a large number of trans-fats that are not processed by the human digestive system. It means that these fats remain in the body for a very long time.  It leads to the rising level of cholesterol in the human body and causes damage to the blood vessels. It also becomes a cause of obesity in people of all ages. Whenever one eats food that is not natural, it becomes a burden on the body causing stress on the liver. For this reason, health experts recommend avoiding using fake butter or margarine etc.

2. Fizzy Drinks

fizzy drinks

It is the most common entrainment item for kids and can easily be seen as a part of your refrigerator. Saying that Fanta is better than Coke and kids can drink Fanta or any other fruit-flavored carbonated drink, makes no sense.

The Soda in any taste or colour comes with the same bad impact. They do not have any nutrition rather they are just a set of chemicals and an excessive amount of sugar. They do not fill your body with any good substance rather they fill the body and system with sugar and chemicals that can damage the natural growth of cells in the body. Such drinks are also found to be initiating the cancer cells in the human body. It means that the more you drink sodas, the more you will become vulnerable to cancer.

Fizzy drinks also create acid in the body that damage and weakens the bones. It also results in depleting the mineral stores that are necessary for the body of your growing child. At the same time, soda has a direct connection with obesity, negative impact on metabolism and igniting the demand for more sugar intake.

3. Potato Crisps

Potato crips

When food is fried at a higher temperature it can form chemicals known as a carcinogen. These chemicals are claimed to be causing thousands of cancers on annual basis.  These crisps are also higher in fats and when coated with salt they become a very high volume intake or sodium. It can increase the pressure of blood in vessels and also increase the cholesterol level, leading to increased risk of stroke or heart attacks.

4. Processed Meat

Processed meat

Processed meat is really very high in sodium and nitrate and this is the reason why they are really harmful to health. These processed meat items increase the risk of colon cancer and this is the reason why the experts do not recommend using these meat items in any way.

5. Fast Food

If you are willing to know the fastest thing about fast food, it is the damage that it causes to your health.

Fast food is a combination of some devils for your health naming as highly processed meat items, saturated fats and sodium. All these items combine together and make a deadly combination that results in reduced life expectancy of your kid.

 6. Flavored Milk

Mothers can be seen convincing the kids for trying flavored milk when they are not willing to drink simple milk.  This is alarming. Allowing or convincing kids to drink something that is highly processed and with added elements like artificial flavors and preservatives can never be a healthy idea. These milk items are more a danger to growing kids as compare to the benefits that they claim to offer.

Rather than going for artificially flavored milk prefer to add some flavors in organic or pure milk at home using natural food items like saffron or almonds etc.

7. Packaged Fruit Juice 

The packaged drinks that claim to be fruit juices are actually liquid sugar and they are not healthy for your kids. Rather than giving any kind of energy to kids these drinks just fill-up the stomach of kids with an excessive amount of sugar, the drawbacks of which are already discussed above. These fruit juices are not really a nectar or juice of any fruit rather that are a combination of chemicals and other items taste like one.

So do not fall for these so-called juices with 100% natural ingredients, they are simply not. Prefer to adopt a habit for using fresh juices from fruits, extracted right in your own kitchen. They are worth considering for your kid’s good health.

8. Popcorns

Surely one of the most loved items by kids in these ready to use popcorns and they are easy and quick to get ready. All you need to do is microwave them in the oven for 2 to 3 minutes and that’s all. They really smell good and increase your appetite but are really a bad idea for your growing kid’s health.

The reason for so is that these items are carried in packages that are made up of harmful materials. While these food items are microwaved the harmful chemicals from the packages get transferred into the food inside and make it harmful for human consumption. For this reason, the expert recommends never to use and to microwave any food item that comes in such packages, including ready to use food items like popcorns.

9. Processed Dairy Products

dairy products

There is a number of reasons to go for organic food items and avoid using processed one. At the same time, it is important to avoid using products from the animals that are fed with growth hormones and antibiotics.

These hormones and antibiotics are meant to make a cow produce more milk but these chemicals, being part of the milk, are transferred to humans. At the same time, there are processed that undertake organic dairy products to produce certain other products like saturated cheese, butter etc.

Such items also have a negative impact on the human body. Moreover, the chemicals used are induced/injected or fed to animals in farms are believed to be bad for the human body. This is the reason why the experts recommend avoiding using processed dairy items.

10. Canned Food

Another thing that you keep in your mind while shopping your grocery is that avoid buying canned food for your home. Especially when you have kids, you need to be more careful about making your shopping decisions. Just like processed and other ready to use foods, the canned food items contain chemicals to preserve them to stay with you for a long while. Moreover, the cans or packing in which these food items are packed are made-up of harmful chemicals. With the passage of time, these chemicals get transferred to the food it contains. These chemicals are harmful to the human body and you must try not to get them into your kids.

For this reason, try to use fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy, meat and other food items for your kids rather than using processed or preserved food. Eating habits, the taste and the adaptation of kid’s stomach to a specific type of food will define the future health of the kids. Make a smarter decision now to secure your kid’s future.

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