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How to Save Money on Your Electricity Bills in this Summer Season

Electricity is an important topic in Pakistan and saving it is one of the biggest necessity. We are constantly reminded of through advertisements instructing us to operate Air Conditions at higher temperatures (26 degrees) but is that enough to beat hot summers? What about the standby power consumption by appliances and other wasted energy sources that we don’t focus on?

Increasing electricity demand of residential sector has increased Pakistan’s energy crisis. A middle-class household with five to six members on average uses a refrigerator, washing machine, television, laptop, two air-conditioners and kitchen-specific home appliances. The circular debt in the energy sector can be attributed to not only by ballooning population and increasingly tech-savvy households but also inefficient practices.

Inefficient home appliances result in a shocking 25% electricity wastage.  For example, 20-years-old refrigerators use 50% more power than the recent technology that is efficient in utilizing electricity.  Additionally, over-stuffing the refrigerator, neglecting its maintenance, putting hot items in it and keeping the door open for a long time overburdens it. 

A common problem across Pakistan is increase in numbers of electricity bills. has compiled some widely acknowledged and accepted yet not followed practices that can help you in significantly cutting back on your monthly electric bills. Just by being responsible and careful, you end up not only saving a great deal on your bills, but also extend the life of your valuable appliances and reduce maintenance costs.

1. Change to Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) or Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFls)

By replacing normal volt bulbs with LEDS or CFIs (generally known as energy savers), cash can be spared not only because of a decrease in power utilization yet additionally in light of the fact that these bulbs have more life expectancy. CFIs last up to multiple times longer than radiant bulbs while LEDS last around multiple times more. A little LED bulb would use around 12 watts and a little CFI around 25 watts if compared with the normal 100 watts bulb. In addition, this efficient technology is saving A LOT more money up to 75% per bulb.

2. Only Buy Energy Star qualified Appliances.

Energy star qualified appliances help decrease cost, spare vitality and are likewise environmental friendly, as they don’t produce any ozone harming substances. These machines are quick paced in terms of productivity guidelines that are not found in other standard appliances these days. Vitality productive machines comprise of higher quality segments bringing about less mechanical and specialized issues and a more drawn out life expectancy. Moreover they have prevalent mechanical plans that improve their presentation for example a star qualified washing machine may utilize less water when compared with a standard ashing machine available in the market. Get some information about vitality star or other vitality proficient appliances.

3. Turn off or Unplug Electrical Appliances when not being used

Appliances would still use electricity when they are turned off as they are on stand -by. One of the well observed practice to save money on your bills is to unplug the devices after turning them off. This won’t adjust the settings in any capacity as all appliances have a memory chip that naturally resets them.

4. Change to Inverter Air Conditioners

Globally, energy efficiency is a big component of energy conservation. It allows us to have the same quality of service (lighting, cooling, heating, entertainment, productivity, mobility etcetera) or comfort level for a smaller amount of energy as technology advances with time. However, in Pakistan, when people hear the phrase “energy conservation”, they think of turning off the lights when leaving the room, or not using their air conditioners. These measures are also very important to remember.

Inverter Air Conditioners cost more than the normal air-conditions available in the market yet they are very energy productive and expend about 40%-60% less power than ordinary ones. This is primarily since an inverter AC can change the speed of the blower and does not need to stop and begin again to keep up the set temperature. It is likewise ready to achieve the ideal temperature a lot faster than a typical AC would and is additionally not powerless to temperature changes.

Costs of inverter AC’s shift as per brand for example a privately amassed 1.5 ton Orient AC would cost about PKR 84,000 while a standard Orient of a similar size would be in the scope of PKR 45,000 to PKR 48,000.An imported brand like LG would cost roughly 120,000 for a 1.5 ton inverter AC while a standard LG of a similar size would be in the scope of PKR 78,000 to PKR 82,000.

5. Utilize Hybrid Gas radiators rather than Electric warmers

Electric radiators have an extremely high power utilization rate. Superior options are half assembled Japanese imported radiators. These warmers are amazingly energy effective in light of the fact that they can keep running on low gas weight (Approximately 10% of gas that ordinary radiators use) and their power utilization is additionally very low; around 15-25 watts which is proportional to an energy saver, in this manner lessening both power and gas bills. Best of all, not exclusively are they vitality effective they are low priced too beginning from as low as PKR 4,000.

6. Abstain from utilizing high power expending gadgets during peak hours

PEPCO (Pakistan Electric Power Company) has presented various tariffs for peak hours and off peak hours.  Power taxes are a lot higher during peak hours which are between 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Keep away from overwhelming power expending parts, for example, irons, water engines, climate control systems during these peak hours to fundamentally decrease your power bills.

7. Turn off pointless lights, fans and forced air systems

This is an easy decision. You can spare impressively on your electric bill by turning off pointless lights, fans, forced air systems and different devices.

One can take some voluntary but mandatory steps within one’s home and work places to save on energy expenses. Many of us make use of the remote control to switch off the TV, AC, fans, stereo etc. leaving the appliances running on standby. This, in fact, means the appliance is still using up electrical energy and wastes a significant amount of power.

By switching off at the main power button, or even the socket, one could save both- energy for the nation and money for oneself .Items left on standby consume roughly 85 per cent of the energy they would, if switched on completely.

After all, if we were to misuse electricity, it would mean sending out precious energy to waste and also shelling out our hard-earned money on electricity bills.

We ought to likewise abstain from organizing capacities after the dusk and build up a propensity for ahead of schedule to bed and right on time to rise. Market-timings must be balanced from 8 am to 8 pm. Lights of boards must be turned off after 8 pm and we should make each conceivable move to spare power.

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