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5 Unknown Facts about Car Insurance

Cars are asset that we are able to buy after putting in too much blood and sweat these days, it’s not every day we buy a car and when we do buy one we want to protect it with all our heart and might against any scratches, chipped paint, the tiniest dent and even God forbid slight bump from another car etc.

We should ensure that if at some point on the road while driving or parked, by us or someone else these scary things materialize we don’t have to feel the brunt of its repair from our own pockets.

To avoid this pocket pincher, we should get our car insured and while getting it insured there are some unknown or rather undisclosed facts that one should know about before embarking on the journey to procure car insurance.

1. Switching providers will save you money

The insurance companies offer multiple incentives to the new customers and generally have better/promotional offers to attract new customers that a pre-existing customer often cannot avail; sometime the customers may also get lucky to get low car insurance rates.

2. Always compare insurance “Quotes” first before buying Car Insurance

You should never treat an insurance agent’s word as the Holy Grail. Of course, they all claim to be the best in business with the best rates to offer to supersede all, but none of these overused phrases should be taken seriously or believed in totality.

The cold, hard facts are your only real friend. So, when you’re deciding on an insurance company, don’t settle on the first one that says they offer the lowest prices; you should do your research and compare quotes, you can find all the car insurance quotes and rates from all the best providers in the market at smartchoice.pk, your one-stop-insurance supermarket.

3. Document everything thoroughly to get Claim Hassle-Free

When you get into a situation, for instance, an accident document everything you are claiming for, you should have substantial evidence to support it E.g.: Photos, they will be your best friend and it’s supremely important to remember that you have to take photos of everything to file your claim.

4. Some of the most helpful coverage’s are the cheapest

The coverage you are required by law to buy is the third party liability insurance typically should be expensive as it covers the risk of you damaging the property of someone, means your insurance carrier is on the hook for hundreds of thousands of Rupees for any damage you do.

5. There is a reason your premium is super low

Some things are too good to be true, and that applies to anything involved with car insurance. If your rates are suspiciously low, then you may want to look over your coverage with a fine-toothed comb. Often, agents will lower your coverage or raise your deductible to get the premium to come down to an ‘unbeatable’ price.

This is an important aspect to factor in when you’re comparing quotes, as well. If you’re deductible is raised from Rs10, 000 to Rs40, 000, that’s going to bring your premium down because it will cost you more in the case of an accident.

These are few of the important things that being an informed and educated customer to make a better and beneficial decision, you should be sure you have the adequate amount of auto insurance coverage in the event you are involved in an accident, so Get Insured Now!

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