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25 Tips to Manage a Healthy Lifestyle

It may sound funny to you but “Living fast and dying young” especially when you grow older. Once you’ll be older and ill, you would wish to go back in time and change the choices that you’ve made for your lifestyle.

The life you live like a young individual has its consequences when you’re old and unable to fix the mistakes you have made. What are the measures that should be taken to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle comes with the smart choices you make. Here are some of the tips that you should follow in-order to maintain a healthy lifestyle:

1. Avoid “White poison”

Sugar is known to be as the white poison that can effect like obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart diseases and many more problems.

The intake of sugar is a necessity whereas you need to monitor it precisely when you are aware of your body type and it’s reaction to it. In order to have a healthy lifestyle, try to avoid processed sugar. You can intake natural sugar in the form of fruits.

NOTE: There are some fruits if taken excessively can be harmful to your body as they may contain the same or more amount of sugar like sweet drinks.

2. Healthy Snacking

Replace your old snacks with the new ones. Try out some homemade snacks made with nuts and dates i.e. energy bars, granola bars etc. This kind of snacking helps boost your immune system when you’re low and crave for something like sweet, chocolate or something crispy. It will also help you in maintaining your weight and energy at the same time.

3. Coffee is your “Best Friend”

Coffee is high in antioxidants. Its adequate intake can also reduce the risk of diseases like type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s s and Parkinson’s etc.
Most people adopt black coffee in the morning or multiple times in a day for weight loss. Please always consider that this doesn’t work for all types of bodies. Everybody has different choices to pick and react, you just need to choose the right one.

4. Get a pill of “Health Insurance”

This has nothing to do with eating and working out. It is linked with the much-needed type of financial investment for the future. We invest our finances for expensive clothing, hair, skin but never plan for the situation where you can fall ill with no money in your pocket. Get yourself a health insurance policy from jubilee General Insurance will help you maintain your existing lifestyle even after you’re out of money.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Your sleeping pattern defines the foundation of your whole lifestyle. A poor sleeping pattern can cause insulin resistance, disrupt your appetite hormones and can reduce your physical and mental performance.

Poor sleep can also cause hunger packs during nights. This will lead you towards Obesity as the timing of your intake is wrong hence the food is not digested.

Proper sleep can energize you physically and mentally as well. Practice this and you’ll see a huge difference in your productivity.

6. Avoid Junk Food

In the world full of amazing, edibles it’s hard to avoid junk food. It is fine if you are having it once in a month. Having junk food on a daily basis can cause various number of health issues.

Try to build the ritual of cooking the same thing at home. The same burger you eat outside will react differently if it’s home-cooked due to its hygiene and the quality of the ingredients used in its preparation.

7. Focus on the timing of your Meal

You may have always heard about what type of meal you should eat but may never hear of the right time of having a meal.

Just by having your meal at the same time, each day is going to make a lot of difference in your health. If you practice this every day then your brain would start giving the signal to your digestive system to work accordingly. This tactic is also helpful if you are considering to shed some weight.

8. Hydrate, Hydrate and Hydrate

Our 60% body is made of water. Waterworks as life fuel for your body. It helps in lubrication of joints, regulation of body temperature, blood flow, digestion and even respiration.8 ounces of water is the minimum requirement of the body each day.

Our body releases salt on a daily basis. The sufficient intake of water is going to cleanse your body from inside.

9. Focus on your Deficiencies

High levels of deficiency among all age groups, genders, income levels, and locations. Amongst the selected citizens, 53.5% had vitamin D deficiency, 31.2% had insufficient vitamin D, and only 15.3% normal vitamin D.


This may not occur as a serious problem today but once you’ll get older, there is no way back to the healthy and strong bones.

Start focusing on your deficiencies. Consult a nutritionist and get a proper guideline to combat your vitamin deficiencies in early age in order to maintain the desired lifestyle.

10. Avoid Bright Lights Before Sleep

Using screen before bedtime can cause pressure to your eyes. The LED light of the screen is harmful to the eyes. It will also cause headache and dark circles. That will make you look and feel weaker. The more you use the electronic devices before sleep, the harder it’ll become to sleep on time.

11. It matters “ How you cook”

The timing of how much your food takes to cook is also important for health concerns. Your food should not be over-cooked or under-cooked.In both of the cases, it is going to be harmful to your health.

Always search on the internet about the cooking duration of every food item.

12. Diversify your Taste

The diversification in taste is important in order to stay healthy. One should be open when it comes to the taste of food. Try to have different combinations of food. Vegetables, Chicken, Seafood or Fruits is going to impact altogether for good health.

If you are someone who sticks to only one kind of food then you’re going to face little difficulty while maintaining your lifestyle.

13. Cardio is the Key

Cardio work-out is a high-intensity workout that helps you to make your metabolism strong. The stretch on the cold and warm muscles during cardio is going to shape-up your body.

15 mins of intense cardio-workout can show a lot of progress.

14. Extra virgin oil

People who consume Extra Virgin oil have a low risk of dying due to a Heart attack. In modern cooking techniques, people are replacing their canola oil with Extra Virgin Oil.

This has been in practice for thousands of years but by the time it has received great attention from the people who are conscious of their health and lifestyle.

15. Don’t go on Diet

Always make sure that going on a diet is not a solution to your problem. Things that work immediately on your body doesn’t last for a longer period of time.Crash diet, protein diet is one of these types.

Some of the diets are actually healthy for certain people who are seeking to gain/lose weight i.e Keto diet but this is also not a solution if you’re not going to embrace it as a Lifestyle.

However, clean eating is one of the solutions that are not hard to embrace as a lifestyle.

16.Track your work Life

Some people relate the healthy lifestyle with eating habits and burning calories but one most important factor is how your working pattern is? By working pattern means how much your job is stressful? Are you always working on short deadlines? These are some of the factors that keeps your mind stressful and hence it will make you feel dizzy and low most of your day.

It will also affect your appetite. One time you’ll feel nothing and and the next moment you’ll feel super hungry and in that situation, you would like to eat anything and eventually OVER-EAT. Having an unbalanced work-life is also going to make you unhealthy.

17. Burn your calories DAILY!!!

It’s pretty simple to understand this concept. Each day we intend to have calories and sometimes we add a number of it in our body. To keep it in balance, try to burn it on a daily basis. So you don’t have to worry about your weight.

18.Involve yourself into Sports

Try to indulge yourself in some sports activity in which you can have fun while doing something different. At the same time, you can burn your calories and keep your heart-rate balanced.

Sports activity like swimming, running and squash helps you a lot with muscles activity and leg work.

19.Get yourself routine check-ups

In Pakistan, if someone encounters cough or flu, they choose to do home medication first which is totally wrong. With the increasing climate change,different types of bacteria has taken place that are affecting people’s health in harmful ways.

One should always consult a physician or a doctor if they encounter any of virals or infections If you have permanent disease i.e. blood pressure, diabetes or asthma then get yourself a check-up once in every 3 months.

This can help you to track down on your health before it gets worst.

20. Avoid Drugs, Smoking and Alcohol

Drug addictions, Smoking, Alcohol consumption is harmful to your health without any doubt. If you’re addicted to any of these things, try to consult a doctor and leave it gradually.

21. Peace of mind for a Healthy Lifestyle

Aforementioned peace of mind with work and here we are going to mention the peace of mind with Personal Life. It is very important to monitor your relationships. The attitude of your close ones is always going to affect your mood and hence your mind too.

Try to be a problem solver and solve each problem in the shortest period of time. Because the more you drag it, the more you are going to think about it which is un-healthy specifically when you’re having problems like blood pressure.

22. Maintain good posture

Maintain a proper posture while sitting is important for a healthy spin. The pain in spin is generally caused by the wrong posture. If you‘re sitting sit in a wrong posture every day then you’ll feel comfortable with that but you don’t know that this posture is actually harmful to your back.

Wrong posture while sleeping can also cause disturbance and you’ll feel dizzy once you’ll wake-up.

23. Meditation

Nothing can replace the power of meditation. You may adopt all the tactics to remain healthy but there is nothing like meditation. No matter how much you’re busy, just close your eyes, lay down and think about how this world works, the system and its beauty. All the good things you believe in and this will contribute so much in your health.

24. Make it Habitual

Everything mentioned above needs to be done with consistency in order to get results. If you leave anything halfway then you shall not get the end result. Consistency is the key to healthy lifestyle.

25. Start NOW!!! And Gradually Change it

There is no starting point to anything only finish line is the defining factor. Start with small, baby steps and slowly and gradually try to embrace things. Adjust a little accordingly and then stick to it. It will become habitual as mentioned above. That’s what you need just keep going!!!

Bottom Line

These are some of the tips that you can adopt in everyday life. You just need to be consistent enough to hold onto these things and any-other healthy tips in order to achieve the desired Lifestyle. Share more tips with us in the comment section.

Stay Healthy and Fit 🙂

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