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Car insurance is a policy purchased by vehicle owners to mitigate costs associated with getting into an car accident. Instead of paying out of pocket for car accidents, people pay annual premiums to an car insurance company; the company then pays all or most of the costs associated with an car accident or other vehicle damage. The premium amounts that are payable by the person securing insurance for his vehicle depends on various factors like insured declared value, type of vehicle, age of vehicle, fuel type, age of the insured, etc
Travel insurance is a type of insurance that covers the costs and losses associated with traveling. It is a useful protection for those traveling domestically or abroad. Some of these risks covered by travel insurance include the financial losses you experience due to travel changes, cancellation, delay departure medical expenses, baggage loss and more. Travel insurers offer a variety of policies that include cover for individuals, families and couples, and some also offer multi-trip and annual policies for frequent travelers.
Health insurance primarily protects individuals from the prohibitively high costs of surgical procedures, inpatient hospital care, and emergency attention. Policies differ in what they cover, the size of the deductible and/or co-payment, limits of coverage and the options for treatment available to the policyholder. Health insurance can be directly purchased by an individual, or it may be provided through an employer.

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