Pro and Cons of Travelling Solo, in Groups, or With Partners!! -

Pro and Cons of Travelling Solo, in Groups, or With Partners!!

Travelling is always an adventure that one wants to undertake and is always excited to embark on. This amazing experience can be acquired through multiple ways, like in group with friends, with a professional guide in a group or plan a solo trip that would enable you to enjoy the new place completely and experience the culture and people of that certain place.

Travelling can be a different experience with the type you choose from, for instance travelling with friends or a partner can have its pro-and-cons be it with a travel guide and group every experience would be a different one.

Being a virgin traveller it’s usually preferred that they travel with a group and guide to explore the new country or city can be a daunting task, I say task for a reason and that is if you are alone, unfamiliar with a language barrier things can get difficult or may be unable to completely explore the area entirely, so a guide help can be befitting in this manner.
For example, Asian tourists who cannot speak English will be able to understand and communicate with European merchandises when they want to buy some products by translating from a guide. 

Discussed below are the advantages and disadvantages of any mode of travel you choose with your pre-decided location, budget and companionship if you have one. This list will help you in weighing your options and would make it easy for you to reach a decision.

Benefits of Travelling In Groups

Managing Everything- Travel, Accommodation, Food etc…

Travelling in professional groups with a guide and a group manager, takes off a lot off tasks from your shoulders, for illustration, you don’t have to worry about managing every nitty gritty’s of your trip, which can be looking for a hotel-a hotel that is as per your requirements and fit-in in your budget as well. The travel means and places to travel are also pre-decided and communicated so know for sure what to expect and there are no surprises-pleasant or unpleasant ones.

You can also breathe a sigh of relief where food is concerned; as you can be sure that you will not miss out on the local cuisine at the same time have that cuisine from the best possible place which offers it. It may also be an advantage to travel in a group if you are travelling to a country where the language is a barrier and there can be a serious issue of communication with the locals. Even if there is an issue distinguishing between haram/halal your tour expert can help you with that.

Explore More with the Expert

“An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less.” – Nicholas M. Butler

Reading that we can assume that, when travelling in professional groups we can see as much s there is to explore, depending upon the place and its virtues, what you explore in the Maldives cannot be expected in Baku, Azerbaijan. It varies from places to places and geography to geography.
But one thing can be ensured that when we travel with people who are familiar with the neighbourhoods can help you make most of your experience which would translate into time and money well spent.

No Worries-Only Fun

Let’s bring down your tensions and worries and replace it with fun, adventure and excitement. Read that?

It means that you travel in groups with a person responsible for every day-to-day operations and activity you don’t have to think about them or executing them, it’s like getting travel insurance before you start your travel, even better when you are finalizing your travel details and travel insurance policy. You get to transfer/shift all your travel misfortunes and unforeseen to the provider and save yourself from all kinds of losses which can translate into emotional trauma and financial stress.

So your chant for the travel is “Yun hi chala chal rahi, Yun hi chala chal, kitni haseen hai ye duniya”.

Cons of Group Travel

Everything has its plus and minus, one needs to adopt others by measuring one against another and what offered is better than what is not being done.

It May Be Expensive

Travelling in a group can be relaxing at the same time, it can be expensive, as every service has some remuneration that needs to be paid, so when acquired these services things can be more expensive but one should measure the things/experience gained vs. the cost incurred and then make the decision.

Less Flexible

When travelling in groups, the routines are fixed and schedules are “not subject to change”. When booking your seat in a group remember that so there is no “fuss” and “stress” when its “show-time”. Since there are a big number of people that are to be managed a proper roaster of things-to-do each day needs to be followed religiously, so the travel plans shared before travel are completed and you can enjoy your travel.
P.S: It also means that no late sleeping in, no extra roaming on streets or bazaars on group time and complete and strict adherence to all schedules are expected.

Big-Groups-Chance of Mismanagement

We know that when are big events taking place or anything which involves huge number for individuals there is an active chance that things can be mismanaged, it can be as small as a person spending more time at a certain time than allotted, which can lead to delay in everybody’s schedule or one getting held in immigration for some reason and all need waiting after a long, tiresome flight.

No Customization

When in the group you should not be expecting any customization as per your belief, you cannot be facilitated with anything too extra-ordinary except promised in the shared travel plan. For example, there is always customization available if a couple wants a separate room but you cannot expect to be facilitated in a hotel apart from where everyone has been booked.

No Personal Preferences

One thing to be kept in mind before agreeing to travel in group is to summon up that your likings and disliking apart from the promised services and inclusions, so when travelling always remember to carry some extra cash for your items like juices and soft drinks, snacks and any other thing that you might want to enjoy while travelling.

Single-Solo Travel

Solo travel has its perks and benefits, it completely brings you a new experience to cherish and enjoy the place. There are certain benefits of solo travel that one can undertake independently.

More Local Exploration

When you are travelling alone, everything is up to your discretion whether you want to explore on foot, by public transportation, hired cab or car. Selecting any of these options enables you to explore more, the street-foods, the local culture, etc. so when alone, you tend to have more time on hands and you are more interested in exploring the streets and the place on your terms.

Complete Freedom

“You are your Boss”

You have all the freedom when you solo travel, you can decide very easily when to sleep when to eat and when you want to roam about, when you are alone you can even satisfy your Late night cravings with a much-craved popsicle or something savoury”. Wake-up at 11 am or get up at 5 am and experience the sun-rise, everything can be as per your schedule and one fun-fact: you can’t be late or too short on time to spend in a museum or while shopping when you travel alone.

Easier To Manage- Everything Is Quicker

When you are alone, you are solely responsible to manage your self completely, anything and everything is quicker and easy to manage than in a group. You don’t have to wait for anyone at the airport to get clearance after you are done or no hassle to wait in line because you have to be with a group to go somewhere.
So, when alone it’s just you with your own company that needs to keep moving and keep exploring.

Likely To Meet New People

When alone, you are more likely to meet new people and not just meet them also to form acquaintance, as it makes more prone to talk locals and even people sitting next to you on aeroplane or bus.
So, who knows you might end up making friends for life.

Exposure-Builds Character

The exposure and know-how you get through travelling alone is nothing like any other travels be it with family, friends or a partner. It builds your character and understanding of a place and provides insight like no other manner. So don’t be reluctant to spread your wings to experience new things, new people, and culture of the said place.

Your Wish

“Your wish is my command; it doesn’t have to be that way”

Travel alone, travel single and do as your heart pleases, no need to adhere to any schedules or time except your flight time or any self-imposed timelines, you can choose your way and time of travel.


There can be a few disadvantages for travelling solo, although they might not be as big as the advantages they are worth to understand before you embark on your journey.


Every day cannot be as rosy as you may think; you may feel lonely and homesick. The travel can be long and excruciating as well, depending upon the place you choose. So when you decide to travel alone remember you are going to experience things which are not normally happening when you travel with a company.

Safety Issues

Safety can be one of the biggest concern while travelling alone, as when you embark to someone place you are not 100% abreast with all the information and do’s and don’ts of the locality, you need to ensure that you read-up as much as you can beforehand, also make sure to inform your parents or family at home about your travel plans in as many details as possible and also ensure that you have purchased your travel insurance so if you face any risk it shall not hamper your travel plans and cause financial damage.
Safety should be your very first and primary concern that you need to comprehend.

Travelling With Friends/Partner

The one person, or your gang of friends you want to travel with, can be your dream come true… you can have the feel of “Zindagi Na Milegi dubara” and somewhat all romantic movies can fit the criteria if we speak about travelling with your partners. There again are some positives and negatives travelling with them.

Familiar/ Comforting Person with You in Hard Times

“Your partner in Crime” and “The Shoulder you can lean on”

Travelling with people whom you love and trust has a different level of comfort and peace, you are more relaxed and rather than just learning and experiencing a new place you make new and beautiful memories. So when travelling with your partner or your friends don’t forget to carry your camera or an extra external hard drive.

Potentially Cheaper- Accommodation and Food

The best part can be that all cost can be equally divided among all your friends and hence would make the trip cheaper for all of your friends travelling together.

Always Someone to Talk To

“Never a dull moment”

In a group of friends always you would have some to talk to anytime and all the time and would always have a company be it trekking, boating, site seeing, even clicking some weird and some amazing memorable pictures.


The reasons not to opt for travel with friends can be few, but one needs to consider before embarking on a voyage.

Rarely Get Alone Time

You would always be surrounded with people and may not have “some ME time” it would always be too crowded and too busy to have the intra-persona communication and too think or ponder or enjoy the nature in serenity.

Get Sick of Each Other

It is too much of each other when travelling, you need to be prepared to stick with each other, even if it’s going to the loo, sometimes this can be a lot and can a take toll while you want to enjoy or explore the new place.

Less Likely To Interact With Local

When you would have your group, it’s hardly going to be a need to interact with the locals, and hence you may miss out on making some amazing new friends or even miss out on the local culture and traditions that can be gained when interacting with the locals.

Waste Time in Places, Not Of Your Choice

When in groups, you shall also do things that are agreed and liked by the majority even though they are not of your primary interest or even choice. So like a buffet you need to go along with your likes and dislikes both and that too “with a SMILE”.

Becoming Dependent on One Another

Friends and partner travelling together may become too dependent on each other making the travel a little suffocating for the other, as you or your friend may require presence for the smallest task be it shopping, going to the loo, having a snack etc.

There are multiples benefits and at the same time certain compromise and sacrifice that you would have made while travelling, you cannot enjoy and get all in one, but remember that once in a life you need to experience each of the aforementioned travel types as they all have their value-added features that you can enjoy when you take up any of them.

Bes sure to fully research and prepare yourself before selecting anyone type as once made a reservation its a hassle to cancel and plan again…any type of travel you opt for, always make sure you have made your travel secure, even if its while sitting at the airport waiting for area you can get your travel insurance within minutes from by paying online and you can fly worry-free…

“Here’s a little mote of wisdom: Not everyone who claims to be an expert, is indeed an expert. Please note: I have never claimed to be an expert on anything except perhaps making the perfect omelette, and if you don’t like spicy, you’d probably argue with me on that one, too. Anyone claiming to be an expert on anything, in my opinion, should immediately be viewed with suspicion, or be able to produce a PhD Diploma on the subject he or she is professing to be expert in.”
― Chris A. Jackson

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