Kid-friendly Travel Destinations -

Kid-friendly Travel Destinations

While most destinations can become family travel destinations, many locations are especially good for traveling to when you have young children. Traveling with children is one of the most enriching experiences you will have as a parent. If your children are less than 6 years old, there may be more challenges like lack of sleep, jet lag, or just an inability to cope. However, it is a true joy to see the world through the innocent, wide eyes of a child and that makes every challenge around it worthwhile.

Of course, there is no denying that some destinations are better suited for families than others. This can be due to the availability of multiple activities, outdoor and indoors, or hotels that cater to younger guests. Regardless of what you enjoy, whether it’s to enjoy water sports, relaxing in a resort, or immersing yourself in another culture, there will be something here to entertain both you and your little ones.

When choosing a country to visit with kids, you need to consider many things. One of the most important is to see if the activities available are age-appropriate for your kids. Then you need to make sure that you and your spouse will also enjoy the experience.  Finally, make sure that you have valid passports for all family members traveling. finally, make sure that you and your family are covered under travel insurance.


Japan is at the top of our list when talking of must-visit countries in the world. From the culture to the food, there is something for every family member to enjoy. Popular destinations are Nagoya and Tokyo.

In Nagoya, the children will love visiting LegoLand and most children enjoy different types of noodles at every meal. In Tokyo, the children enjoyed visiting Shinjunku Station and Shibuya Crossing which is one of the busiest road crossings in the world. There is also Tokyo Disneyland to visit, which offers fun for the entire family.


Jordan is another family-friendly and just generally, very friendly country. On visiting Jordan you will experience a variety of landscapes. Jordan has red sandy deserts, which are great to spend the night in, in the many glamping sites, as well as for desert safaris. There is also the Dead Sea with its many resorts and beautiful beaches. Jordan is also home to The spectacular sandstone city of Petra. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Petra is also a once-in-a-lifetime experience that both children and adults will enjoy and remember.


Dubai is the Middle East’s most populous city, with jaw-dropping modern architecture, huge shopping malls, and fascinating man-made achievements. There is plenty to do in Dubai with kids no matter where their interests lie.

Dubai offers a variety of theme parks, incredible family-friendly resorts, dancing water fountains, and varied skyscrapers. It is a city of glamour and culture, a fusion of East meets West, known for its multiple exciting facilities, restaurants, and cafes. Another reason Dubai is a family-favorite travel destination is its safety. It is ranked as one of the safest countries to visit in the world.

When you see pictures of Dubai it feels like a city of the future but culturally and historically, it has so much more to offer. There are so many things to do in Dubai with kids.


For those who can get the visas and can afford the travel, Orlando, Florida is another must-visit destination for young families. There is so much for families to do on a visit to Florida but the most obvious is the visit to Disney World, which needs at least a couple of days.

However, that is not all you can do in Orlando, Florida. You can also explore some of the unique nature and adventure opportunities Orlando has to offer making it one of the best family travel destinations. From visiting alligators at the Everglades, turtles, and dolphins, to hot air ballooning and zip lining there is plenty to entertain everyone.

There is also lots to see outside of Orlando with plenty of scenic spots and outdoor activities


Kenya is another once-in-a-lifetime type of experience that I highly recommend for families to experience together.  There are few destinations comparable to Kenya.

From the second you get off the plane in Nairobi you are only a few minutes away from a national park where you can easily spot some of the main animals you would want to see on a safari. On a drive-through, you may get to see lions, zebras, giraffes, and more.

Head to the Masai Mara for an even more immersive experience where you will get to see the most incredible animals, experience a bush bath, and visit the Masai Tribe.

It is such an incredible trip all around, with experiences you won’t find anywhere else. It will expose you and your children to such a different way of life and culture whilst getting to see amazing animals in their stunning natural habitats!


 Bali is frequently recommended for honeymooners, but it is also a great family travel destination. Bali is amongst the most family-friendly destinations in the world.

Bali is such a peaceful and spiritual place with stunning scenery and such diverse landscape. There is something for every type of traveler with interesting cultural experiences to exploring the rice terraces of Canggu, to the amazing beaches, there is a lot to see and do.

Whether you want to laze at a resort with an elaborate kids club or do something like a family yoga retreat it is guaranteed to leave you (and your kids) wanting to come back!

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