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7 Reasons To Consider Healthcare Insurance

Posted Date: Fri Jul 2016

It’s an old and a very famous saying that “Health is Wealth.” It’s really true as any person can only go through his daily routine of work if he is healthy and fit. If you’re not well, nothing will feel good and you’ll get to nowhere in your day to day life as chores become burdens if a person is sick.

Even if you fall sick, which is common due to weather or  viral reasons, you would simply walk into a hospital and get yourself checked up by the doctor who would then prescribe you a few medicines to be taken at regular intervals until you feel well. However things in our country are not the same when it comes to healthcare services. Keeping all of the above things in perspective insurance companies have started to offer health care plans and this article will shed light on 7 reasons why you should consider investing in health insurance.

1) Government hospitals providing subsidized healthcare and medical facilities have a long queue of patients and no doctors to attend them and the facilities available are also run-down and shabby at best. The staff is also least bothered to care for or attend to the patients and most people just return home as their number in the line never comes and the doctor’s sitting time is up by then.

2) On the other hand, private health care solutions are available which are really good but mostly out of reach of the general public as the doctor’s checkup fee is already high and the medicines cost a lot too, hence getting private health care is out of the question for an ordinary citizen because of which he visits unqualified doctors and takes substandard medication which only adds up to his health woes.

3) General sanitary and hygiene levels are also poor in our country. Majority of the citizens lack access to clean drinking water and good quality food. Pollution of various types is also on the rise. All these factors only add up to the public getting various sorts of lethal diseases.

4) If you’re a bachelor then it makes sense to buy individual healthcare plan for yourself but what if you’re the sole breadwinner of your family and your spouse or kids fall sick? It can become a huge hassle having to pay for routine checkups and medicines. It’s best to get a family healthcare plan for your family to limit the medical expenditures that can put a dent on your monthly budget.

5) Illness comes unexpected as opposed to marriage or education that are planned for and saved for. However sickness or accidents can befall you at any time and can bring a hefty expense which can be unbearable at times.

6) In times of illness, the family is already surrounded by worries such as taking care of the patient, taking him/her to the hospital for regular checkups etc.  If the patient is the breadwinner, then it can mean losing the job as well in the worst case, which can lead to more headaches such as worrying about how to pay for school fees of kids and grocery expenses. Apart from that there are the obvious expenditures of medicines and treatment. Hence having a health care plan will act as a hedge against all kinds of financial worries.

7) If you work in the industrial sector, you are exposed to more workplace hazards than a person working in a corporate environment. Dealing with machines, fumes, noise and chemicals etc and doing more physical work leads to more often sickness and injuries, hence it’s a must to have a healthcare plan in place.

These are the major reasons as to why you should seriously consider investing in a healthcare plan for yourself and your loved ones. In subsequent articles we will focus on what benefits healthcare insurance plans can bring you. We hope that our readers find this beneficial and helpful to understand what healthcare insurance is and why it is so important.