How To Choose The Right Health Plan For Yourself

Posted Date: Fri Jul 2016

Health is one of the biggest blessings we have got from the Almighty Creator. Without sound health, we are unable to perform our day to day tasks with proper efficiency. Unfortunately due to lack of proper hygiene and widespread pollution in our country, people often fall victim to many different types of illnesses and thus spend a lot of money on medical treatments. Insurance providers in Pakistan have noticed this thing and have launched a number of various healthcare plans that cater to different types of people and different medical needs. In this write up we will discuss these different plans and how you should choose the right one for yourself or your loved ones. First of all comes personal health care plans which are also known as individual healthcare insurance plans. These are targeted at single individuals such as students and bachelors etc. In such healthcare plans, Pre and Post hospitalization as well as various procedures such as tests and graphs are also covered as well as ICU charges, surgical fee, ventilator, dialysis and chemotherapy etc . Some things to keep in mind are that the annual premium increases with respect to the age category one is in and some  other amenities such as private rooms and ambulances are entitiled to policy holders with a higher premium. Next comes family healthcare plan. In this category, you get all the benefits as one in personal plans however these plans are tailored for families that include kids as well. Hence one policy can cover the whole family. These policies are usually segregated on the basis of number of children in the family. Usually a minimum of two and a maximum of 4 kids are covered under a single policy. Lastly there is a healthcare plan that caters to old age people that are more susceptible to critical and long term illness such as cancer, kidney failure or sudden attacks like cardiac arrests and paralysis. This plan also covers organ transplants. These are usually expensive treatments and it’s a good idea to get these policies for one’s parents or elder relatives as such health plans are generally suited for people at an older age. These policies come with additional benefits such as cash income to pay off your existing loans and children’s school fees. Additionally  if you need to travel abroad for a certain treatment then it will be covered as well. These were some of the major types of health insurance plans. Make sure to choose the right one for yourself to enjoy maximum benefits.