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How To Claim Car Insurance

Posted Date: Fri Jul 2016

Car insurance is a blessing in our country. Where roads are not built properly and traffic rules are not followed correctly. Due to this haphazard situation, accidents occur every other day unfortunately. Hence it's a good idea to get car insurance in Pakistan and we have already discussed its importance and what benefits it offers and what kinds of hazards it safegaurds you from.

Now in the worst case scenario of being in an accident, one is too confused to think of what to do, hence this simple guide aims to educate our readers about what you should do as soon as you find yourself in the misfortunate event of having an accident. Before that we would also mention that as the wise old saying goes:"Prevention is better than cure." Therefore always obey traffic rules and drive safe on the road with full attention.

The first thing to do after you've managed to hit your car or someone hitting you, is to call your insurance provider's helpline. This is the first step towards having to claim your car insurance. Do keep in mind that they will probably ask for your policy number that is written on the insurance certificate so it's best to keep it written with you and keep it safe in your car or wallet at all times so you don't face any issues when you call the helpline. Once you've given the policy number and verified the relevant details. You will be asked for the accident details as to how it happened and at what location(which the company might already know if your car has a tracker.) This is also the right time to ask for towing assitance (if your insurance provider offers this feature) if your car is not in driveable condition. You might also need to lodge an FIR or Roznamcha to file a claim so that's the next relevant step you need to take. After which the company might send their personnel to assess the damage and the car would be taken to a showroom or repair centre that will analyse the extent of damage and chalk out the cost associated with fixing it.

Now if your insurance policy came with deductibles(read this article to know about what you should look for while choosing an insurance provider) then you'll have to clear that outstanding amount before your claim is processed and repair work on your vehicle starts. If it came with comprehensive bumper-to-bumper insurance then you need not worry about paying anything as your insurance provider will cover all the costs associated with getting your vehicle back to working condition. After the legal and paperwork is done, you'll have to wait anywhere between 7 to 30 days depending on the claim time as informed by your insurance provider at the time of purchasing your policy. In the said time your claim shall be processed and you'll get your car back as soon as the vehicle is in perfect working condition.

Mentioned above are all the steps needed to make a car insurance claim. We hope that it makes the readers understand the process of a car insurance claim with ease.