How To Get The Best Travel Insurance

Posted Date: Fri Jul 2016

You have weighed the benefits of having travel insurance and the essence of its importance must be pretty clear to you now. Now comes the actual task of getting a travel insurance. To get the best travel insurance you need to make some smart choices and we will guide you in this process. This will help you save on your money as well as getting the right kind of insurance for the intended travel purpose.

Purpose Based Insurance: Insurance providers have different kinds of policies ranging from regular to pilgrimage to study and Shengen as well. Always opt for the one that suits your travel requirements best. It also holds true for Pilgrimage as it’s usually cheaper than regular or Schengen insurance. Same goes for study travel insurance because it has different covers such as tuition fee cover, semester/yearly policies etc hence always opt for the relevant type of insurance to get the best benefits for your money. Jubilee General Insurance and EFU is one of those insurance providers that are catering to such purpose based trips. Multi Trip Insurance: Do you make frequent business/work related trips abroad and visit family back home multiple times in an year or are you planning a trip to different countries? Then it’s logical to get a Multi-Trip yearly insurance that would save you money and time both instead of going through the unneeded hassle of getting insurance each time you plan a trip. Multi Trip insurance is available in 6 months as well as an yearly duration. Insurance Discount: It may be a possibility that if you already have a life, health, car or any other type of insurance then you may get travel insurance from the same provider at a discounted price which is always a plus point as the provider will try to facilitate its existing client in the best possible way! Policy Duration and Timing: It’s always a sensible choice to first choose your trip dates and only then opt for travel insurance, also another wise thing to do is to save your money by buying insurance policy for only the number of days that you are travelling for hence always buy the travel insurance policy after your trip is confirmed. Also keep in mind that even if you get an yearly insurance package, the maximum duration you can stay abroad is upto 3 months. Group Discounts and Family Insurance: If you’re going in large groups e.g a group of friends going on a holiday trip to a resort or an Umrah/Hajj group then it’s best that you opt for group insurance as you’ll get substantial discounts for applying in a group rather than getting separate individual insurance. Also if you intend to travel with your spouse and kids then it’s best to get a family insurance that will cover you, your spouse and 4 kids upto 18 years old. These are all the factors that can determine the cost and relevance of your travel insurance policy. You should follow these guidelines in order to get the best insurance for your money’s worth and one that gives you the best cover according to your travelling needs.