How To Save Up On Your Health Care Plan

Posted Date: Thu Jul 2016

It's an old and famous saying that health is wealth. If one is not healthy then he can't deal with daily chores be it work or play. Nothing seems good. Simply put, an unhealthy or sick person is a good for nothing person. We all try our best to keep in top health however somehow or the other, we fall ill. The environment in general of our surroundings especially pollution, lack of clean water and the best quality food is to blame hence we fall ill even after all our efforts to stay fit and healthy.

We have stressed on the importance of why you should consider getting health insurance in a separate article in detail here(hyperlink why you should consider health insurance) however it's only best to get the one relevant to you as it'd save you money in the long term as well as provide optimal cover according to your situation. Here are some salient points to help save you unwanted costs when choosing a health care plan:

Individual, Family or Group: This is one of the major considerations you have to make while getting a healthcare plan. Are you single, have a family or just a group of people willing to get healthcare insurance together? Because it will always be a better idea to have a family healthcare plan if you have a spouse and kids instead of getting individual insurance for everyone as family healthcare plans also come with additional benefits that individual health insurance doesn't offer. The same applies to people in groups as they are entitled to a discount.

Critical Illness: Always try to get an insurance policy that covers critical illness, as these are unexpected and extremely costly to get a quality treatment for such as cancer, heart bypass etc. Also in the case of permanent disability, death or usually 6 months of bed rest are covered and you get incentives such as your kid's school fee being payed and an income benefit that can deal with small day to day chores such as groceries etc.

No Claim Bonus: Noone likes getting ill and what if you stay well all year round or don't get so ill that you need to claim your healthcare insurance? You will get a bonus and the higher percentage of the bonus and the lower the duration you don't have to claim to get it the better.

Pre/Post Hospitalization Expenses: It's best to choose a health care plan that will also cover the costs of treatment before getting admitted into a hospital and even after the patient gets discharged from the hospital. It can save you alot of cost if your illness isn't as serious to go to hospital yet you want to claim your insurance.

We hope this guide works in your favour and you can choose smartly and save up your money when you get a healthcare insurance policy.