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Step By Step Walkthrough For Getting Car Insurance

Posted Date: Fri Jul 2016

You’ve deliberated over why you should get insurance, you’ve also gone through the factors that can influence the price of your annual insurance premium and you know the ways to get the best car insurance. But it would remain incomplete if you didn’t know the actual process one has to go through to get a vehicle insured. So all these things culminate into one final step and that is to get the car insured. This guide will act as a walk through of the insurance process in proper detail. The first logical thing to do after you’ve decided to get the car insured is to log on to our insurance portal at You should get comprehensive insurance because it covers your car from bumper to bumper which essentially means all the car’s exterior as well as interior and factory fitted parts are covered under your insurance, also comprehensive insurance includes third party liability which gives you peace of mind that if you damage someone’s vehicle by your own mistake the company will not only reimburse you but the other party as well. Now that we’ve focused on the importance of having a comprehensive insurance, you’ll have to submit your make, model, year of manufacture and purchase price of the vehicle which should be realistic to the current market value of the vehicle to ensure that you get the most accurate pricing for your annual insurance premium. You should now be given an estimate by us of what the annual insurance cost of your vehicle by various insurance companies which can hover between 3% to 7% of the total value of your vehicle depending on the additional benefits given to you and the type of insurance selected. Some insurance providers will offer complimentary or optional services such as a tracker or an immobilizer device which are designed to track the car anytime via call/sms/mobile app or kill the engine remotely on one call in case your car is snatched or stolen. This is a must-have feature considering the law and order situation of our country. You can see these features and compare insurance policies side by side as well. Now there must be some questions that you may have in your mind. For e.g. what’s the percentage of deductibles i.e. the percentage of the total repair or replacement charges in case of damage along with the depreciation ratio per annum as well as any annual monitoring charges if the tracking device is included in your insurance. The lower these values the better. Also these values vary according to the level of damage which can be partial or total damage. Also the claims section under details could mention any no-claim bonuses that are offered in case you haven’t claimed your insurance all year round. So make sure you click on the details tab on the respective provider’s page and go through all of the given details. Once you’ve finalized a provider of your choice, use the order form for the relevant service provider after which you will get a confirmation call from us and then your order will be processed after which a staff member would be sent to your premises to physically inspect your vehicle before insurance and may take photographs for their database. Then you may pay the outstanding amount of insurance premium along with submitting the required documents and get your insurance certificate after all the documents have been processed within a few days. That’s it folks, we’ve mentioned in precise detail the process of getting your car insured and we hope that it works out in your favor in acquiring the insurance of your choice in the easiest way possible.