Walkthrough For Purchasing Travel Insurance Policy

Posted Date: Thu Jul 2016

It’s the holiday season and like everyone you’re planning a recreational trip to an exotic location. You’ve finalized the trip dates and got your Visa and your air tickets. Excited for the adventure and fun filled trip? Can’t wait to fly? Well not so fast, don’t skimp on travel insurance when going on a holiday trip because there are numerous hazards and hassles that can possibly ruin your trip and leave a bad taste in your mouth. We have reiterated all the things that can safeguard you and your loved ones from unexpected and unforeseen hazards in this(hyperlink why you should consider travel insurance) article which you may read for further knowledge.

Now we will take you step by step through the complete procedure of making the smart decision of getting travel insurance. The first thing you have to do is navigate to the homepage on our website and hover your mouse cursor on the “Insurance” tab which will then show you a drop-down menu from which you should click on the “Travel Insurance” tab.

This should open an initial details form where you will enter your following details:
1) Purpose of travel.
2) Country of visit.
3) Trip dates.
4) Number of people (individual, family or group).

Make sure to provide accurate details so you get the relevant type of insurance for yourself.

Once you provide the above mentioned details, your request will be processed in real time and you will be shown relevant insurance policies from some of the top insurance providers in Pakistan include Jubilee, EFU, IGI, Adamjee and TPL Direct etc. that will include features like medical coverage, trip cancellation, inclusion of tuition cover, pricing and duration of your policy etc. For further details and to do a side by side comparision of policies right there. Once you have decided on the insurance provider of your choice, place the order using the order form given on our portal after which our customer representative will make a confirmation call to make sure you’ve applied for the insurance policy.

The last step is that the insurance policy will have their sales representative call you up and set up a time to deliver your travel insurance certificate and collect the payment from your doorstep. Alternately you can also purchase your policy online by paying through a debit/credit card and getting your policy in soft copy format which can be then printed. The online facility is however provided by only a few insurance providers. That’s it, now you can fly worry free and enjoy your holiday trip to the maximum because you have a safeguard against all possible travel hazards for yourself and your loved ones. We hope that this article served its due purpose and enlightened you more about the process of buying a travel insurance policy.