Why You Should Consider Getting Car Insurance

Posted Date: Thu Jul 2016

Many people in Pakistan are either unaware of the benefits of car insurance or think that they are just making annual payments in return for no incentives. So, is it really vital or just another expense burning a hole in your wallet? Unless you’ve gone through the misfortune of being in an accident, it’s highly unlikely that you may know what boon car insurance can be. In this article we will focus on all the reasons why you should really consider car insurance as often they are the most expensive posessions after a house and are in much need of insurance as they are always prone to risk due to being parked in outdoor spaces and are unattended most of the time.

Legal Cover: In the unfortunate event of an accident that requires legal proceedings, some insurance providers will cover some extent of your legal expenses which can come as a huge relief in such times of distress.

Financial Damages: Another big reason to invest into car insurance is the risk of financial losses in the case of an accident. Nobody likes having to pay a lot at once so by paying small amounts you can be worry free when the bills become big because after all you never know when you may hit an Audi for that matter. Also it can help with fixing minor scuffs, scratches and breakages that happen during the course of daily driving. Additionally it only makes sense to get insurance if you purchase a new car because it’s in your best interests to protect your investment right from the start.

Personal Injury: This is rare but sometimes car insurance companies can compensate for personal injuries as well. Though we would recommend that you invest in health insurance for proper healthcare insurance. Check this link for more details on why you should get a health insurance plan.

Towing services: In case of an accident, the insurance company will also provide you free towing services if the car is not in a condition to be driven which can be a great help in such a stressful moment.

Theft: You can have complete peace of mind that if your car gets snatched or stolen, the insurance company will compensate for the current market value of your vehicle which can come as a huge relief if such calamity befalls you.

Government Laws and Regulations: According to Pakistan’s Motor Vehicle Act demands that owners of cars must opt for insurance otherwise they are subject to a fine/imprisonment. Hence it’s good to be safe than sorry by abiding the rules set out by the regulatory authorities.

Thus it’s very clear that car insurance comes with many benefits against the premiums you will be paying and hence it’s sensible to get car insurance and have a peace of mind in the unfortunate moment of getting into an accident.