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Why You Should Consider Getting Travel Insurance

Posted Date: Thu Jul 2016

Everyone is on the go these days. Travelling has become an essential part of our lives as we travel to meet our loved ones and visit them on festive occasions like Eid and Christmas, go on vacations to exotic destinations, have a business meeting, visit religious sites for pilgrimage or even for just a shopping trip. With such extensive travelling all year around we are prone to certain kinds of hazards and accidents that can ruin a good trip and must be taken care of before commencing the journey. This article will pinpoint all the reasons why you should think seriously about getting travel insurance for yourself the next time you plan a trip.

Visa Approval: For travel to countries such as USA, UK, Canada and especially to get a Schengen Visa, it’s mandatory to have travel insurance otherwise you cannot apply for a Visa and thus travelling without a travel insurance plan becomes Impossible.

Loss of Documents: One always carries the risk of losing/misplacing important personal documents such as your passport which leads to having go through the hassle of filing a report with the police and then filling up further documents related to issuance of a replacement which can be a costly process to go through while being on a trip with limited funds, hence travel insurance is a must to safeguard yourself from such a scenario.

Personal Accidents: Everyone loves to go kayaking, skiing or zip lining at exotic destinations however these fun filled activities can come with the risk of having an accident or bodily injury in which you may need immediate medical assistance which can be a costly process so personal health and fitness must be a priority and having travel insurance can be a boon.

Trip cancellation: Life is filled with unexpected happenings. In case you need to cancel the trip due to any death or unforeseen happening, your money invested in the trip won’t go to waste as the insurance can help refund your amount partially.

Loss of baggage: Think of losing a baggage full of winter jackets or your child’s clothing/stroller. It can become a huge muddle since winter clothing may cost exponentially more at such places than Pakistan. Therefore, you may have lost your belongings but you will certainly be reimbursed accordingly which gives you peace of mind.

Missing/Cancellation of Flight: What if you got stuck in traffic and missed your flight or bad weather caused your flight to be cancelled? Being travel insured will ensure that you will be fully compensated by offering you to board the next available flight to your itinerary.

Loss of money/valuables: Criminal activities happen everywhere and mugging can happen anytime or your belongings can be stolen from crowded tourist spots. Having a travel insurance safeguards you against any kind of monetary loss.

There are also many types of policies offered by the different insurance providers that can cater to different kinds of travellers be it a student going abroad to pursue a degree, someone going for a vacation or shopping spree and people going to perform religious obligations such as Hajj, Umrah or Ziarat. The policies are also for those who may travel once in a blue moon to those who are frequent globe-trotters. Thus investing in travel insurance is a must for all because simply put you can’t afford to travel without having yourself travel insured.