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Easy way to delete your data from hundreds of website

Every other website you visit now be it social media, news, application and etc. ask you to sign up and give out personal details before you can use it after a certain point. However doing this randomly and not keeping track of your online activities can be really problematic. One such way you can be in trouble is when websites fall victim to hackers, with that all your personal details are also compromised if registered on that website. Hence it is advised to delete your account from website and platform which you no longer use or seems to have weak security measures in place.

Tip: Never use same password on different accounts, if only one website is compromised, the hacker then has the key to your accounts and other websites which can be very painful to recover.

Deleting your accounts on multiple websites can be a tedious task to figure out how and where you can do this. Guess what, we have found a simpler and easier way to do this through Account killer. This sites has aggregated the procedure and process to close down accounts from different websites like Skype, MSN messenger, linkedin, dropbox, itunes and over 100 other sites, hence made the whole process very simple.

account kilelr

Click here to delete your account online

Account killer, lists websites in different categories popular, blacklist, whitelist and also in alphabetical order. This website is a great asset as it also list the websites that makes it difficult to delete and remove your personal information. For such websites, they try to find a way round to request for account removal or have a general tip that can be very useful.

Moreover, they also have a tool that can be simply installed in your browser or iphone which you can use to check whether you can delete an account if you register. So next time when you register for a service you aren’t sure you’ll use, make sure to visit account killer to check

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