PTCL Celebrates Pakistan's win in Cricket WC with Special Offer -
Special offer cricket world cup

PTCL Celebrates Pakistan’s win in Cricket WC with Special Offer

PTCL has generally been quite aggressive with rolling out new promotional internet packages to bring on board new customers and also give existing customers a feeling of higher bandwidth internet without any price increase for a promotional period.

As Pakistan Cricket team recovers its position in World cup by winning its last 3 matches specially the last match against South Africa where our players showed character and true spirit. To celebrate this winning streak, PTCL has launched a promotional campaign where all existing 1MB Economy Package users have already been upgraded to 2MB Economy Package

Also new users signing up for 2MB Economy Package will pay only Rs. 499 instead of Rs. 750. This special price is valid till 31st May 2015, after that Rs. 750 per month will be charged to all existing and new users. To make this deal sweat, PTCL will increase your download limit from 10GB to 15GB after the promotion period.

If you are still not convinced and hell bent to downgrade your package to 1MB then you can do so by calling the PTCL call center on 0800 80 800 before 31st May. However the charges will not be Rs. 499 instead Rs. 549 per month. This is to discourage users to downgrade from their existing package and also to protect their commercial interest.

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