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wi-tribe faster video streaming

Wi-tribe video streaming solution for faster videos

wi-tribe faster video streaming

Do you want to check out the viral video everybody’s been talking about but get frustrated with all those buffering moments? Do you want to check a live event online but your stream stuck often? The good news is that there is a video streaming solution that can speed up your videos and live streams.

Wi-tribe, the leading wireless broadband internet service provider in Pakistan, has become the only internet service provider company in the country to launch state of the art video streaming service.

The increase in live streaming and online video consumption has created a very high demand for optimization solutions among mobile service providers. Internet service providers are seeking solutions to optimize viewer experience while reducing the bandwidth consumption.

The video optimization technologies are used by mobile service providers to improve viewing experience by reducing video start times or re-buffering events. The process also aims to reduce the amount of network bandwidth consumed by video sessions.

Wi-tribe is the first ISP in Pakistan to achieve this by implementing the video optimization solution that offers faster video streaming and browsing.

With the introduction of video optimization solution, wi-tribe subscribers can enjoy faster video streaming and enjoy quick web page loading time – without any additional cost.

Wi-tribe video optimization solution is available on all unlimited packages including 512Kbps unlimited, 1Mbps unlimited, 2Mbps unlimited and Family Internet package.

For details check the tariff guide here.

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