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Going back in the days of 56Kbps modem

Even the thought of using the internet on 56Kbps is utter masochism. This is the because of the rapid technological breakthrough, in the form of wireless Internets with fast speeds, that occurred just within a decade.

Grown-ups of this era who are often annoyed and ungrateful even at the internet we use today, have no idea about how it was almost a decade ago. We, grateful, 1990-ers are lucky enough to have ever had a chance to use the very first kind of internet protocol.

The television static, the Windows 95 start-up chime, earliest nokia ringtone, the sound a VHS tape made when it gulped up into the VCR, the tone of 56Kbps internet connection- really triggers nostalgia. Even though, every little sound of the lengthy connecting process of the PC to 56Kbps modem made, the excitement was almost like connecting to different magnitude of realm or the adrenaline in our veins dancing to the beats.

However, unlike today’s advanced internet connection requires a little hidden antenna installed into our PCs, tablets and smartphones, a 56Kbps modem required a local phone connection, a receiver modem and direct connection to the telephone line sockets.

So, let’s consider going back into time, by taking up the challenge of using a 56Kbps internet for a week. First of all, because 56Kbps which is a very sluggish internet speed, that anyone who’s only had the privilege to use the high speed wireless internets wouldn’t believe that slow speed even existed.

Since 56Kbps protocol requires a modem at the receiving end where the data is received at 56K, we have to understand the fact that 56K would be one-sided speed at which we would receive data, the other side would be even less- let’s say 33.6Kbps. Last but not the least, the modem must be connected to a local telephone company.

That alone is not a hassle you got to prepare yourself for, there is more- after all it’s the “golden” times we are heading back too, got to be expensive and hard to achieve.

The second important part of the game is understanding how these modems process data, get ready for this- one packet at a time. Yes, you have to wait till the modem receives a specified number of bits and then forwards them further. This process of modem compressing or decompressing the data requires a tad bit of patience. Throughput is considerably reduced because the data is sent in batches rather than in continuous stream of bits.

So, of you are up for the challenge of using a 56Kbps internet, you got to concoct yourself for all levels of frustrations or panic attacks. Wait a minute, let me remind you, going back in the “golden era of 56Kbps internet” doesn’t only mean merely using a PC at an intolerable slow internet pace, but also means giving up on all kinds of contemporary internet privileges be it on your smartphone or an automatic digital menus to select your meal from at McDonalds. You have to forget these technologies as a part of the deal.

Imagine using Facebook on 56Kbps internet, or even YouTube. All you could get after a considerable wait is a jumble of links and text, static images and mere sounds. Let alone streaming videos, you can’t even download songs.

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We would like to hear your interesting story of 56Kbps modem days, share with us in the comments section

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