Faysal Bank & DealToday.pk Join Hands

Faysal Bank & DealToday.pk Join Hands

Faysal Bank has signed up DealToday.pk as a partner to bring better deals for its customers. Faysal Bank is currently the leading bank to offer amazing benefits to its credit card customers, offering huge discounts at various locations such as restaurants, shopping areas and even VIP lounges during social events.

DealToday.pk offers mass deals that you can get from the website, catering to various market segments including health & beauty, electronics, home accessories, home appliances etc. The shopping portal offers payment methods through credit card, EasyPay, Keenu NetConnect and cash.

What’s the deal?

With the new alliance the credit card customers of Faysal Bank will be able to book and purchase products/services from DealToday.pk using their credit cards and convert that purchase to an installment plan with 0% markup. The process is similar to traditional installment plan procedure with added benefits.

How to use it?

Following it the procedure to take benefit of this deal if you are Faysal Bank credit card holder:

  1. Book and purchase product/service from DealToday.pk that is listed in zero installment category (click here for example)
  2. Complete the transaction until you have the product/availed the service
  3. Contact Faysal Bank’s customer service
  4. Request the transaction to be put on 0% markup installment plan
  5. Select the duration and confirm

And you are good to go, paying installments at your convenience.

Aren’t other banks offering installment plans as well?

Yes, other banks offer installment plans for their credit card customers but here’s the difference. DealToday.pk has this exclusive deal with Faysal Bank that allows for installment with zero markup. When you use other bank’s credit card for purchase, the installment plan will have default markup that will increase the cost of your purchase. The larger the bill, the more amount you end up paying in markup.

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