Things to know about Zong 4G Devices

Wasio Abbasi
August 10, 2015

Zong 4G device has taken the country by storm and the demand has risen to incredible level. The sheer level of coverage, incredible speed and affordable packages have made these devices a must for internet users who crave for lower ping and higher speed.

We also did a Zong 4G MiFi video review which you can also checkout to know more about this latest device that’s the talk of the town right now!

There are still questions that people ask and we have compiled a list of them for easy access.

Will the device work in our area?

Check the coverage map for 3G/4G on Zong’s official website and see if your area is covered. Also, if possible, test the coverage yourself with the help of Zong sim (your own, someone in your family or from friends). This will give a better idea of coverage in your area.

Is the GST tax applied on these packages?

Zong’s 4G devices come with package that already include taxes. You do not need to pay any extra.

How do I recharge? (it’s not that simple)

When you completely consume the data or it expires at the end of the month, you need to recharge (minimum 1500) to continue using the device.

But … you have to call and inform Zong customer service that you have recharged the sim. By recharging alone the package DOES NOT get activated and require manual activation through Zong customer service. Zong internet packages come in 24, 50, 100 and 200GB tiers

If you DO NOT activate the package, your balance will be consumed at the rate of Rs. 18/Mega Byte.

Can we only buy the device and not the sim?

No. The sim that comes with the device is tagged. The device will not accept any other sim, not even of Zong’s except the one sealed with the device.

I am not getting good 4G speed, what should I do?

Switch to 3G. There is a good chance that 4G signals are unstable in your area and would be better to stay on 3G which has much better and stable coverage.

How to switch to 3G?

  • Go to Zong 4G device’s admin panel (
  • Login using your admin credentials.
  • Click Settings
  • Click “Dial-Up” on the panel in the left and select “Network Settings”
  • On the next page there will be an option “Support LTE networks” which will be active by default. Click on it to turn it off.

Another option is to use the Huawei’s HiLink Android app, connect with the device using Wireless Lan and close the LTE option. The video review shows how to do that.

Battery gets drained very fast.

If the signals in your area for 4G are weak and you haven’t turned off LTE option, Zong MiFi would repeatedly switch between 3G and 4G networks. This will rapidly drain the battery. Ideally, stay on the network that works best for you. If 4G is unstable, stay with 3G.

If you are using the device heavily, with several devices connected and even using some networking facilities such as network gaming or heavy file transfer, the battery will get drained fast.

Also, we experienced faster battery drainage in warmer weather. So if you reside in areas with higher temperature, keep it near well ventilated areas or in rooms that stay cool due to airconditioner/air cooler.

What is the different between 4G Wingle and 4G MiFi?

Zong 4G MiFi is a portable device that comes with a battery. You can carry it around in your pocket and still be able to use the internet. You only need to charge it and it’s good for few hours of use.

Zong 4G Wingle is a plug-and-play device, like a USB, that you need to insert in a laptop, computer or USB based power supply. It works just like MiFi device, just not battery powered.

Both devices come with WiFi options and can connect up to 10 devices.


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