Telcos Offer New Mobile Broadband Packages!

Telcos Offer New Mobile Broadband Packages!

Recently the hype for Mobile Broadband devices has shot through the roof as they offer great speeds with added portability and you can use them on the go in the car or while traveling or take them to work with you and avoid using any congested networks. Due to which these have become really popular. To boost sales, telcos are coming up with newer and better packages with better value for money and more download limits. Telenor, Warid and Mobilink have come up with such updated packages. Following is an introduction of the newly available packages to the public.

Telenor has introduced three different devices, namely 3G Connect, 3G Connect WiFi and 3G Mobile WiFi. The devices are priced 2200, 3000 and 4500 respectively. Telenor has launched 4 different bundles namely Introductory, Economy, Heavy and Unlimited. Given below are their details.

Daily: This is a daily package which is for 75rs per day inclusive of taxes and the validity is 1 day.

Introductory: This is the least costly package at 300rs inclusive of tax along with 30 days validity for 3GB of volume.

 This offer comes with 10GB of volume with a validity of 30 days at 750rs inclusive of taxes.

Heavy: This bundle comes with 20GB of data worth 30 days of validity and costs 1100rs along with taxes.

Unlimited: This offer has 30GB of bandwidth for 1500rs inclusive of taxes with 30 days validity.

Warid is offering two different packages for their consumers:

Wingle Bundled Package: This package costs 6000rs/month and offers 20GB/month for upto 3 months after which user can change their package to their desired one.

Wingle Standalone:  You can get the device for 2500rs and then choose a bundle of your choice.

If you choose standalone device or want to change your package after the 3 month bundle expiry then following bundles are available:

Wingle Smart: 15GB 1500rs
Wingle Extra: 20GB 2000rs
Wingle Ultra: 35GB 3000rs

Warid has also recently launched double volume offer that gives double volume on any chosen bundle. This can be availed on both the bundle packages and standalone packages.

Mobilink offers 2 devices namely Wi-Fi Wingle for Rs. 2,900 with FREE data SIM +20GB internet for the first month and Wi-Fi device for Rs. 2,900 with FREE data SIM +20GB internet for the first month. Seperately Mobilink has best bundles for their users at 1500rs for 20GB/month inclusive of all taxes. There is also a 30GB/month bundle that gives additional 20GB/month(for a limited time) at 2000rs inclusive of taxes.

We hope that we can help our users find the perfect package as per their usage needs. Do you prefer any particular telco over others for its quality of service? Let us know in the comments below.

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