Coverage plans that fits the Bill: Jubilee General Insurance -

Coverage plans that fits the Bill: Jubilee General Insurance

Jubilee General Insurance is a company with a vision that aims to ensure that people are enabled to overcome uncertainty and to provide quality health care to masses across the country.

It’s a company on a mission to provide innovative solutions to meet the need of individuals having diverse needs by providing various packages that fulfil needs and requirements of every person be it an individual looking to get himself insured against obscurity, the individual can get a Jubilee General Insurance personal health care plan, to get family insurance one may look-up for a family health care plan that shall cover husband wife and up to four children.

A women-centric plan that is all about making sure that all of her needs are being taken care of even, “A Strong women can also be vulnerable at the same time” understanding that vacuum in the society, Jubilee General Insurance has come up with a tailored plan to fulfil this need with the right understanding of what “A Woman” needs with their “Her Care” Plan.

Jubilee General Insurance also provides comprehensive coverage for the car, as it ensures that the car is protected from bumper-to-bumper through its packages like, Private car comprehensive and old car comprehensive, it also has 3T package that covers theft, total loss and thirty party liability having the best rates with swift claim settlement.

Jubilee General Insurance takes every opportunity to benefit the people as much as they can by providing discounts on multiple occasions like Blessed Friday 50% discount, Quaid-e-Azam day 25% discount, Pakistan Day 23% discount, these discounts on multiple occasions ensures that the coverage reaches to the maximum people out there so that they can protect themselves against unforeseen situations in their life that one may not be prepared to face and may put a lot of strain on an individual’s financial health.

This year around again Jubilee General Insurance is giving 23% discount on all its online insurance products, to benefit people and motivate them to get insured, the company is making multiple efforts as it has understood that Pakistan is a country that still lacks awareness and penetration of Insurance in the society and to build a rationale that “Getting Insurance is not a luxury but a necessity”.

In this journey Jubilee General Insurance has officially partnered with Smartchoice, an online financial comparison platform, Smartchoice helps people to make informed decisions and also guides them to the right fit policy.
The Jubilee General Insurance products be it car insurance, travel, personal accident or health insurance, all are available at Smartchoice platform, anybody can buy whichever policy they need by comparing one of the jubilee policy against another simply and make the right decision, these products are available at the same rates as Jubilee General Insurance and easy to buy, through just three major steps, Search-Compare-Save and get the policy you need.

Jubilee General Insurance has been passionately following the vision and mission of the company to ensure quality care available at affordable rates, easy access and premium customer service so when an individual, “Gets Insured” through Jubilee General Insurance they live hassle-free.

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